Not So Small Greenhouses

One Man's Solution

When I first met Dave Bogan, he was in the process of building small greenhouses. Or, so I thought. 

I was surprised at the number, size and quality of the tropical bonsai in his collection.  They would definitely require special protection during the freezing winters in Indiana.

He had plenty of space in the yard to build greenhouses, which was a definite consideration. However, Dave chose to take advantage of a pretty much unused swimming pool!

Snow covered greenhouseSnow Covered Greenhouse

Notice the snow melting from the warmth of this "pool house."

Dave told me: “The tropical bonsai trees seem to love it and thrive throughout the winter. The only downside was having to carry everything down the four steps into the greenhouse.”

I had wondered, since he has quite a few large trees. I asked him about those steps.  Dave responded that since the beginning he has reconsidered them.

Updating of Small Greenhouse

Looking Down Into the 'Pool'

Many time after setting up any greenhouse you realize you may have missed a few things.

I installed a hoist system which runs on an overhead track.
Via this hoist system, I can lift a 2 x 4 platform cart, roll it in on the over head track and then lower it to the floor. 

"I designed this cart to be at 32” tall which is the same height as my benches in the greenhouse - as well as those outside in the display area.  With the cart at the same height as the benches, it’s simply a task of sliding the bonsai off and onto the benches."

Dave's Ficus nerifolia

"Over the years, I have continually updated the greenhouse. 
A few years ago, I installed a new 95% efficiency gas furnace.
Facilities now include: bin type area for soil removal, wash area for washing out root systems, over 16’ of center work bench area.  We also have an area for power carving, a new wire rack that holds 12’ full rolls of wire, and a tool  cabinet."

Today, Dave and Barbara Bogan have an overall fabulous bonsai nursery, that would be the envy of any bonsai grower!  Take a look at the bonsai trees on the Bogan's bonsai site.  The results are amazing.

Where to Go From Here

See the small greenhouse page and see what others have created.   No room for greenhouses? Another page that may be helpful is growing bonsai indoors.

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