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There are more bonsai gardens listed on the previous page.  If you have a favorite not shown on this site, please let us know!  Exhibits from around the world are welcome additions.


The Big Island

Co-sponsored by the Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation, Fuku-Bonsai, is a working certified nursery with a large inventory.  Many folks take a bonsai workshop here while on their Hawaiian vacation.

Fuku Bonsai Cultural Center
& Hawaii State Bonsai Repository

17-856 Olaa Road,  Kurtistown

David W. Fukumoto,  Founder



bonsai garden, ChicagoThe Chicago Botanic Garden consists of 26 gardens on 385 acres

In 2000, the Garden unveiled a priceless gift to its collection of bonsai. Susumu Nakamura, internationally renowned bonsai master, donated 19 of the most prized specimens from his personal collection.

Today the Garden’s collection of 185 bonsai trees is considered to be one of the best public bonsai gardens in the United States.

1000 Lake Cook Road
Glencoe, IL

Chris Baker, Bonsai Curator



Smith-Gilbert Gardens

is one of north Georgia's botanical gems.  In addition to an extensive plant collection, there are 30 outdoor sculptures and a bonsai garden.  

The bonsai shown here is the patriarch of the 71 trees in the collection. It is a very old Pond Cypress with a long history as a bonsai. (In training over 30 years.)
"We have a bonsai collection that we are becoming very proud of ... it's sweet and in the middle of a 13 acre paradise."

Rodney Clemons, curator

2382 Pine Mountain Road
Kennesaw  (part of metro Atlanta)



bonsai gardens, Arnold Arboretum Bonsai

The Larz Anderson Collection is located at Harvard University

The collection was begun in 1913 by former Ambassador to Japan, Larz Anderson.

Many histories of bonsai in the U.S. claim the 1940s as the arrival of American bonsai ... which makes this collection especially interesting.

Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

125 Arborway, Boston, MA

New York


The Brooklyn Botanical Garden alone is beautiful.  Be sure to include visiting this major bonsai collection while you are in New York. 

Behind the scenes there are a large number of trees you don't see, so the exhibit is ever changing.

990 Washington Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

Julian Velasco, Curator


Portland Japanese Garden

"The Portland Japanese Garden is one of the most stunning and iconic gardens outside of Japan, with its setting in a hillside forest of Doug Fir and a view of Mt. Hood." - Michael Hagedorn

The small, but exquisite, bonsai display is a rotating exhibit on loan from local bonsai artists.

611 SW Kingston Avenue
Portland, Oregon

Sadafumi Uchiyama, Garden Curator

Washington State

Federal Way - near Seattle

bonsai gardens, Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection

The Pacific Bonsai Museum features 60 outstanding bonsai from six Pacific Rim nations in an exquisite display.  Many famous bonsai artists have participated, it is a must see in the Seattle area.

33663 Weyerhaeuser Way S.
Federal Way,  WA

Aarin Packard


Elandan Gardens

Located on the shores of Puget Sound, this is much more than a bonsai garden. 

Ancient gnarled trees, waterfalls, a freshwater pond and monuments of stone encrusted with moss and lichen are all part of the landscape.

3050 W State Hwy 16
Bremerton, WA

Dan Robinson
Designer and Curator

 Reminder:  Before visiting any public bonsai gardens, contact them first to determine directions, days open, hours and fees - if any.

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