Ready to Buy Bonsai?

If you want to buy bonsai trees, please consider the following before you decide.  There are many bonsai myths and misconceptions about these little plants. 

Bonsai plants are not a species.  Many kinds of trees and plants are used to create bonsai. Just because a particular plant is popular as bonsai – such as a juniper – not every juniper will necessarily be a good bonsai subject!  

Bonsai is what we do to many different kinds of plants. The goal is to make them look like small old trees in a container

Each type of bonsai requires somewhat different care

Some like lots of water, some like to dry out a little. Others, especially those in small pots, may need water every day. 

Many like sun, others prefer shade. Some will grow indoors, others will not.  None will grow indoors in a dark room or on a bookshelf without good light.  

Where they grow and how much water they need are only two considerations. Since they are live plants, growing bonsai trees will also include fertilizer and trimming.

Which Kind of Bonsai is Best

For your first bonsai, consider easier varieties such as Ficus, or Elm for indoors and juniper for outdoors.  This page will also be helpful - Bonsai Trees for Beginners

Ask for advice from the seller.  Get thorough care instructions.

How Will I Know It's a Good One?

Read this page- What to Look for When you Buy bonsai trees! 

Top Ten Reasons Not to Buy Bonsai

The list is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but oh so true.   

10. There's and empty spot on the bookshelf.

9. The kids want one.

8. You thought your dead cactus never needed water.

7. Your vacations are frequent and lengthy.

6. You have no "luck" with other plants.

5. You would never commit to having a pet, not even a goldfish.

4. It seems like the perfect gift.

3. You're interested in Asian culture.

2. You've always loved the Karate Kid.

And the #1 reason not to buy bonsaiYou think they're cute!

If you said "That's me!" to any of the above, think twice -- no, make that three times -- before you go shopping.  

Ready To Go?

Remember, a little bonsai in a little pot will never grow into large bonsai.  Part of being in a small pot, is to keep it small.  Bigger is not always better.  

Small bonsai like the one shown here are called shohin or miniature bonsai.  If you want a large bonsai, start with larger material.

Growing bonsai may not be as easy as it first sounds; it is a commitment. There is no magic, they're just plants in containers!  It really is the shapes we give them, that makes very special.  If you can grow a potted plant, you can grow a bonsai. 

If you're ready ... with a willingness to learn, a sincere effort and lots of passion, bonsai can become an enjoyable lifelong hobby!

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