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Bonsai Tree Progression
Pictures Before and After

Photos are a tremendous asset in learning how to bonsai. These bonsai tree progression pictures will show shots from several different artists.

The before and after bonsai pictures on this page will show how a bonsai tree can change with help and a little time. 

Some of the photos are style changes, others are bonsai that were in need of a trim. The first one is of what it looked like the plant looked like growing in the ground, and what it looks like today.

From A Hedge to a Bonsai

before and after bonsai started with this hedge

Cheryl Manning

lives in California and when she moved to her current home she was quick to see a future bonsai in the hedges.

When bonsai becomes a passion, you begin to see them everywhere. 

I'm not sure how many Cheryl saved, but this windswept is certainly a nice one.

Before and after bonsai from a hedge

From Italy

Before and after bonsai in Italy

Mauro Stemberger is a fine Italian bonsai artist.

As you can see above, his bonsai is still in its training pot. This is a good reminder  ... style first, pot or re-pot later!

A Power Tool in Taiwan

Chen Kung in Taiwan with power tools
yamadori in Taiwan, before and after

Keng Chung is shown here with what it sometimes takes to go from a large bush to a bonsai!  In today's bonsai world it is not unusual to see power tools during demonstrations - especially on large specimens.

This plant is no doubt a Yamadori!

Taming A Pine

Monterey Pine before
pine tree bonsai after

Candy Shirey lives in New Hampshire. When I saw these photos on Facebook, I knew they would be right for this page.

Candy purchased the Monterey pine from someone else and made it into a very nice bonsai, with her own signature.

In these two pictures we can again see Candy's talent with juniper bonsai.

Yes, they are the same tree.

A Little Wire Goes a Long Way

pine bonsai, before and after pictures
pine tree bonsai, bonsai tree progression

This pine was off to a good start.  It had a great trunk and the basic training. Michael Levin at Bonsai West In Massachusetts rewired the tree and within three years it looked like this 'after' bonsai picture.

Newly Begun
Bonsai Tree Progressions

David Chauvin has a great head  start on this juniper!

nursery stock before and after bonsai
juniper bonsai, before and after

Mark Fields' juniper is a good example of how to bonsai a plant starting with nursery stock.  In this bonsai progression picture he has not pruned the roots yet, but he has already given it a great start in styling.

After the repotting, I bet there will be another photo.

Where To Go From Here

A Juniper bonsai tree progression - and update.

See tips on taking photos of bonsai

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