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Bonsai Tree Articles

Links to bonsai tree articles are on this page.  Some I originally wrote for Bonsai Today magazine, ABS, BCI, World Tropical Bonsai Forum and a number of other bonsai publications, including my own newsletters.

There are also new narratives written for this site by myself and guest authors.  Many of these articles are available for use in club newsletters.

If you would like to re-publish any of them, please contact me.

The Articles

Bonsai related Oriental art forms - Although some are not directly related, many are used in combination with bonsai trees.  Japanese scrolls, suiseki, accent plants, ikebana and more.

Tale of Two Bonsai Marys - A fun story about two bonsai women you may recognize ... Mary Madison and Mary Miller.

Bald Cypress Bonsai "knees"  Bald Cypress bonsai are stately and impressive, but they rarely have "knees" as they do in nature. I was quite surprised to see this cypress knee project.  Submitted by Ron Weiss

Ficus nerifolia is one of the most popular tropical trees used as bonsai. It is also one of the most successful. Here is the story of when and where it all got started.

Ficus Philippinensis is not used as frequently as maybe it should be for bonsai.  It has wonderful red figs.  Read this story about an almost forgotten bonsai tree by Guest Author, Victor Mills

The 'Stuff Article'!    Bonsai "how-to" is important, but in some ways this bonsai tree article may be even more important. It is truly a lesson learned. I hope you find it inspirational.

'Ten Steps to Good Bonsai'  Another very popular article (good for both beginners and more experienced hobbyists)

Tips and Techniques - These bonsai tips and bonsai techniques come from my many years of growing bonsai. I gathered them here as a fun way of encouraging beginners to think about the many possibilities while enjoying bonsai as a hobby.

Cottonseed Hulls - Do you know cottonseed hulls can prevent soil erosion in shallow bonsai pots? ... and they're not as messy as muck!

The Magic Cloth - The first time I saw a magic cloth was during a bonsai workshop with John Naka. I was a novice. I don't remember the tree, but I do remember John somewhat frantically looking around the room.

Buttonwood Bonsai -   Two stories, one story  from the late Joe Samuels.

A Personal Buttonwood story - about a stolen tree ...   by Ed Trout.

Chrysanthemum bonsai is one of two bonsai tree articles.  Mums are beautiful in themselves, but imagine a grouping on a slab!   John did, and he shares the how-to with you here.  Guest author John Capobianco.

Another Chrysanthemum bonsai article. This one by guest author Dale Cachoy is about his bonsai club project - growing mums for an entire season. Lots of great tips, including recommended varieties!

A Convention Story - No two bonsai conventions are alike. The 2010 Bonsai Societies of Florida had a fun and unexpected event.

Bonsai Questions often have the same answer. This is my favorite bonsai tree article about that answer ...  John Callaway is our guest author.

Bonsai Tree Pictures - Take pictures of your starter trees following these photo tips.  You will be thankful in the years to come.

Voles and Bonsai Trees is a horror story! Lee Squires experienced voles first hand and is sharing his tale to keep you informed and forewarned!

More Bonsai Tree Articles

"Who's Painting the Trees" - My years of working with bonsai trees has made me aware of many things in nature, lichen is just one.  Although a non-bonsai article, nature lovers will enjoy.

'Top 10 Reasons Not To Buy a Bonsai Tree' is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but oh so true. Send a copy to a friend!

Bonsai Trees in Winter Silhouette exhibits, are displayed without leaves (usually they are dormant.) The idea is to observe and enjoy the branch structures, trunks and exposed roots.

A New Addition to the Morikami bonsai garden has been donated by Dr. Ron Kessler and his wife Arleen.  Read about this amazing gift!

Windswept Bonsai style is an article by guest author David Whitaker telling his passion for wind blown trees-and the unique growing technique he uses.

Tropical Mimosa - this page takes you from a bonsai auction item to a well styled bonsai through air-layering. Guest Author Ben Liss.

Growing Bonsai in the Ground - When creating your own bonsai, this is the fastest way to create large trunks and good nebari.

These unique bonsai may be called strange, odd or even traditionally unacceptable. Some on this page are exquisite bonsai, just in unusual pots.

If you liked any of these articles, you may enjoy the personal bonsai stories, tidbits and comments that may not appear here on the site.

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