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Bonsai Tools

Created with shapes, sizes and sharpness to do specific jobs, bonsai tools also do them well. Hundreds of different designs and sizes are available. These implements are available individually, as well as in sets.

Before you buy ... understand there are many different grades of these implements. 

The least expensive equipment is often very poor quality. They may break and/or lose their cutting edge quickly.

If they seem too cheap, it's probably for a good reason. 

Which Bonsai Tools to Buy

If you're just getting started, go easy.  In the beginning, a  basic bonsai tool set may be perfect.

Don't be tempted by the exotic selection available. In time, you will know which ones are important for your particular needs.

Consider purchasing two quality bonsai tools. Many hobbyists begin with the two most important, read more about each one on their separate page.  Most hobbyists begin with the two most important,  read more about each one by clicking here:
    a pair of sharp shears and a concave branch cutter

Bonsai Rakes  -  Although many roots can be raked out to trim and remove soil, others may need to be “sliced” with a saw or sharp knife.  Used judiciously, the bonsai rake is valuable. Have one in your tool box, but know it is not perfect for every root pruning situation.

Bonsai Tweezers - A convenience tool.  They are often used for plucking needles and many swear by them for removing weeds.

Water Wand - It makes watering your bonsai an easy task and makes the job thorough.

A Watering Wand with On-Off Control is perfect.

Bonsai Turntable - Is it necessary?  Perhaps not, however it is highly recommend. Turning your tree - small or large - is the best way to study your subject.  Whether you start with an old lazy-susan or purchase a "real" bonsai turntable ... get one!

Tool Sharpener - In addition to keeping tools clean, keep them sharp.  The "orange handle sharpener" is a quick and easy blade sharpener.  No bigger than a pencil, it can go in any type of tool wrap or case.  This is the answer for anyone who has a fear of sharpening tools. 

A Specialty Item

A 'Bonsai' Pressure Washer - This water sprayer with adjustable pressure strength is perfect for cleaning bark and driftwood. If you are a yamadori collector, you will need one.

Blaster Spot Cleaning Gun -1650 PSI

Bonsai artist Mike Rogers in Central Florida uses one and and recommends ... "To avoid tearing off the bark, it's important to test and adjust the pressure strength before using it on your bonsai !"  Test it on an old log or something comparable.

If you've ever spent hours with vinegar or soapy water and a toothbrush trying to clean dead wood or the bark on your bonsai, you will love this sprayer!  If you are a beginner, you may not have the need for this tool.  As your collection grows, you will find it invaluable!

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