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Apr 07, 2016

Tanuki Bonsai - Cheating or Not?

The Japanese words tanuki bonsai are used to describe what many refer to as 'phoenix graft' and sometimes 'phony bonsai.' It is one of the most unique and most difficult bonsai techniques to accomplish.

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Mar 20, 2016

Tamarind Bonsai Trees, a Tropical Favorite

Noted for the delicate leaves and deep, rough, furrowed bark, Tamarind bonsai trees give the appearance of age early on. The fragrant flowers resemble small orchids!

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Feb 14, 2016

Pyracantha Bonsai - especially beautiful with flowers and berries.

Small leaves, beautiful flowers and brightly colored fruit make Pyracantha bonsai a favorite. They can be good subjects for many different shapes and sizes.

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