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The Bonsai Magic Cloth

During my many years of teaching bonsai, I got lots of smiles when I brought out my Magic Cloth. I also received plenty of "ahh"s when they saw how good it worked!  It's been called a 'tricky rag,'  'the imaginary cut,' 'the killer cloth' and more. 

 You Too Can Have a Magic Cloth!

The Magic Cloth has matured.  It's no longer a fancy embroidered dinner napkin (like mine.)  It's a new towel tool, ready to use in real life bonsai situations.

Ever wish a branch would disappear while you make a decision?  The Magic Cloth can take it away!

Want to help a bonsai friend who cuts randomly?  The Magic Cloth can do that!

Working on someone's bonsai, who doesn't want you to cut!   The Magic Cloth can help with that!

Looking for the perfect gift for a bonsai friend? This Magic Cloth can be that too!

A Teaching Tool

The Magic Cloth helps you "see the future" . . .  one of the most difficult lessons to learn in the art of bonsai.

The new 'Bonsai Magic Cloth' is 15 in X 18 in (38.10 cm X 45.72 cm.)  Cotton velour terry ... washable ... and has a grommet and hook.

The towel can easily hang on your work bench or attach it to your tool case.  Approved for wiping hands and drying wet tools too.

Large enough to cover a good sized bonsai branch.  Your choice of white or dark green.

As Gifts

You may consider this a novelty gift. 

However, I guarantee this bonsai towel will not only be used, it will be appreciated! 

Each Magic Cloth comes with instructions for best uses, as shown here:

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Bonsai Magic Cloth

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