Bonsai Advertising

Bonsai advertising on the BonsaiMary site is affordable!
Why so inexpensive?

I want my many visitors (old and new) to have the opportunity to reach quality bonsai products and services. 

My goal at BonsaiMary is to share over 30 years of experience growing, teaching and speaking bonsai.  Visitors come to my site for one thing – bonsai - everything bonsai!

For many years I had a business is South Florida - growing, shipping, teaching and speaking bonsai. As you may know, I moved to beautiful Central Florida and, I no longer have a bonsai nursery business.

I want my visitors to find other sources  ... businesses I know will stand behind their products.

There are over 100 pages on this site and I continue to add new pages to attract more visitors.  Your banner ad, on the page of your choice, will be a direct link to your website, Facebook page or email - your choice.

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Are You A Bonsai Speaker?  Clubs are always looking for new interesting programs.  Let people know you're available!

What are you selling?  Tools, soil, pots?  Bonsai starters? Collected trees?  Books?

Advertise your business in front of a highly targeted market at a very reasonable cost.   It's not a complicated choice, only one size ... large.  A good example is the Bonsai South ad in the right column.

"I get traffic from your site all the time!"

- advertiser Zach Smith, Bonsai South

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Please note that ads and all creatives are supplied by you the advertiser.

You will need a

160 width X 300 height (html) ready-to-go ad 

The more professional your ad is, the greater your response!

Does the name of your company tell what you're selling?

Do you have a great logo?

If not, a quality photo of your product may be a good substitute.

All ads must be banner ads, 160w X 300h size, created in html code.

If you (like me) have no idea how to create professional banners ...

Hire a pro! It's worth the small price.

When you get the html code and send it to me.

I then set your ad on the page(s) of your choice. 

(Sorry, no paid ads on Home Page.)


I reserve the right to refuse any ad request I feel does not fit with my visitors' needs, or what I feel represents products or services that are not of suitable price, quality or appropriateness.


I reserve the right to change pricing as Bonsai-Mary traffic continues to grow ... however, all contracts will be honored at the rate in effect at the time of purchase, until expiration.


When your ad is ready PAYPAL will securely accept your payment from my site.