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Bonsai Banter Issue # 046 Holiday Bonsai and More
December 30, 2013

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Christmas Cypress

Tony Palma displayed his well styled Bald Cypress bonsai - decorated with lights, ornaments and a companion - at the recent Gold Coast Bonsai Society, Ft. Lauderdale, FL holiday event.

It was definitely a show stopper.

Bonsai-Mary Mail

Hey Mary, What are you using to protect your trees from diseases and insects? -- JK

This is a fairly common question and my response is always the same.

The most important way to protect your bonsai from diseases and insects is good bonsai care. Good light, fertilizer, proper watering and good air circulation! When you do have a problem ... treat the problem. Fungus needs a fungicide, and remember different pests may have different cures.

Not Just for Floridians!

January 17-19, 2014

Winter is a great time to visit Florida. Come check out the Kawa Bonsai Society's Joy of Bonsai 2014.

Take a look at their bonsai talent line-up for this year: Mike Rogers, Sean Smith, Mike Cartrett, Randy Clark and Mike Sullivan.

Bonsai Companions

Carl May, Lake Worth, FL took his elm bonsai into the kitchen to give it a trim. Much to his surprise, he found an unexpected companion.

The Cuban tree frog thought he had found a perfect hiding place. The frog's only comment: "Hey man, turn out the lights!"

'Celebrating Japan'

The Appleton Museum of Art, Ocala, Florida in cooperation with the Bonsai Societies of Florida and the Marion Bonsai Society, is presenting a unique outdoor bonsai exhibit from January 17 through April 13, 2014.

I'm looking forward to presenting an 'introduction to bonsai' power-point program for the public at this exhibit on January 26, 3 p.m. (I will include several of the most popular myths.)

Live In or Near Arkansas?

The late Bill Choat had a true passion for bonsai. It's been two years now since his passing and his widow Jan is finding the nursery "less fun" and "too much to handle," as she ages without Bill. Her dream is "someone will come in and buy it all." If you live in the Van Buren, Arkansas area stop by the American Bonsai nursery. Perhaps you can find a treasure or two. (The business - including all buildings - is for sale, contact information is on the website.)

New Year's Bonsai Resolutions

I will remove wire BEFORE the tree grows into it.

I will fertilize my bonsai on time.

I will repot all the bonsai that need it.

I will trim on time.

I will critically look at my bonsai and restyle those that need it.

I will remove bonsai from my collection that I do not like and cannot see a way to restyle into something I like.

I will work on my bonsai more often.

I will not grow more bonsai than I can properly care for.

I will purchase all of my bonsai materials from D & L Nursery.

(Thanks to David and Linda VanBuskirk for permission to use their resolutions - including the well deserved plug.)

Site Reminders

Don't forget, if you have a bonsai business or are a bonsai speaker, I have very reasonable prices and excellent exposure (hundreds of visitors a day)available for Your Advertising.

Until next month, thanks for your input and for visiting my site.

Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.


Mary Miller

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