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Bonsai Banter Issue # 50 Far-Out Bonsai
April 29, 2014

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New Bonsai Perspectives in the Air?

Over the centuries bonsai has seen changes from early Chinese penjing through the many stages of Japanese bonsai. Once introduced to the western world, even more innovations have appeared.

Talk of the Show

In January 2014, Tony Tickle posted this picture of his "calligraphy" bonsai on his blog.

He had recently displayed it at the European Noelanders Trophy and it had been somewhat controversial. I looked at the photo many times before making up my mind ... I like it!

Before you decide, read the story and see the full display.

Another Innovation
From Around the World

A very interesting bonsai event is coming to Yogyakarta, Indonesia, this fall, October 18-21 2014.

The International Bonsai & Culture Biennale

From the brochure for this Indonesian event: "This is the first bonsai exhibition ever done with new presentation concept to accommodate creative and innovative inspiration, to collaborate bonsai art with other art forms, because we believe art is a living thing and has no limit in conveying messages of the creator. . ."

A Day in the Forest -
Peter Tea Comes to Florida

The Ocala National Forest may seem an odd location for a bonsai nursery, however David and Linda VanBuskirk have made it a unique treasure ... not to mention the scenic routes to get there.

The weather was ideal for an outdoor gathering and it was a pleasure to observe Peter sharing his knowledge.

I followed Peter's blog while he was in Japan, so I knew how talented he was. His instructions for "how-to" kept everyone's attention. Each tree was a lesson.

Bonsai-Mary Gets Mail

"Mary, here are the soil pictures of the Chinese elm ... the soil has what looks like 'poop' in it." - Bob and Kathy

My Response: What you are seeing is indeed "poop" - worm poop. Sometimes people think worms are good for the soil. They may be good in the garden, they are NOT good in a container.

The easiest way to get rid of them, is to place the pot in a 'sink-like' vessel. Fill the sink with water up to the very top edge of the pot. Let it soak for a few hours or even overnight.

Worms can drown. To avoid that, they will rise up to the top of the soil and you will see them. Then you will be able to remove them. (This one-time soaking will not damage your tree.)

Not long after, I received a note saying "The worms are coming up!"

Another E-Mail

Dr. Parul Madia,an ophthalmologist in India sent me a note thanking me for Bonsai Banter and sharing his numerous types of bonsai. He expressed that "time and temperature are a big challenge."

He also sent me some pictures. It seems the hot, dry climate in Ahmedabad (western India) is perfect for his succulents such as Portulacaria afra!

New Bonsai-Mary Pages

This little item to the left is recommended for everyone!

See why this and several other nifty items are listed on the

Bonsai Tips and Techniques page.

Another new page - If you have any outdoor growing space, be sure to read Growing Bonsai Trees in the Ground.

And one more new page. I visited the Kanapaha Botanical Garden in Gainesville, FL recently and the dwarf pyracantha were blooming throughout the garden.

Their beauty encouraged me to write about Pyracantha Bonsai.

Florida Bonsai Convention -
May 22-26, 2014

BSF convention details

Featuring Enrique Castano, Ed Trout and Peter Warren

Exhibit, Demonstrations, Workshops, Sales area

Location : The Florida Hotel at At the Florida Mall, Orlando

8001 S.Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando FL 32809

Congratulations Chris Baker!

Chicago Botanic Garden bonsai curator Ivan Waters has retired. The new curator is Chris Baker.

Chris worked at the National Collection in Washington D.C. and spent one year apprenticing with Mr. Tohru Suzuki in Okazaki, Japan.

All the best to Ivan and Chris!

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Until next time, thanks for your input and for visiting my site.


Mary Miller

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