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It's the Season for Spring Bonsai Exhibits
May 19, 2018

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Spring Bonsai Exhibits

It's that time of year. Spring bonsai exhibits, large and small, are everywhere. If you are new to bonsai, don't neglect the ones in your own backyard. Many local exhibits can complete with the more exotic nationals!

Bald Cypress Bonsai

In April, David De Groot won the “People’s Choice” and the “Member’s Choice” awards at this year’s Puget Sound Bonsai Association Spring Show.

Ever modest, Dave said this about this beautiful bonsai:

"I have to share credit with the beavers who first topped this bald cypress. I just took it from there."

Taking it from there, must have been quite a project. I especially love this tree because it looks so natural. David has totally escaped the rigidity of '1-2-3, left, right, left right' guidelines and shows what a "real" tree looks like!

Mark Fields Kokonoe Japanese White Pine

In April, the American Bonsai Society and the Bonsai Society of Greater St. Louis hosted 'Gateway to Bonsai.'

It's easy to see why this tree was awarded 'Best in Show.'

It was great to see some of the awards classified as "professional" and others as "hobbyist."

See Jonas Dupuich's 2018 Gateway to Bonsai exhibit photo highlights here.

Some bonsai practitioners have art backgrounds, others are lead to new forms through their exposure to this hobby.

David Cutchin's bonsai experince has lead him down a unique path. His beautiful "frames" were recently exhibited at the Pacific Bonsai Museum exhibit, “Elements of Design.”

You can see more of this beautiful work on David C's Facebook page.

Getting Your Hands Dirty

My grandmother was never concerned when we got dirty playing outdoors. She always said "we all have to eat a peck of dirt before we die." Although I try not to eat it, I have to admit, digging in the dirt still makes me feel good.

Adam Lavigne at Adam's Art and Bonsai Studio and Nursery posted an article that seems to agree, digging in the dirt is good after all!

Click here to read an entire article about the real benefits of dirt.

Two More Bonsai Myths

From time to time I post some of the many bonsai myths, without controversy. I may receive a few objections to these two.

However, I'm definitely not alone in my thinking. For many years, while I was in the bonsai business, I recommended, sold and used cut paste and other sealers. I even had my favorite brands.

We also sold Superthrive (vitamin B1.)

Now, I've included them both, with more details, on my site under More Bonsai Myths

Knowing my thoughts on the subject, someone sent me this cut paste jar picture. Not sure who the owner is.

If you know, Contact Me

I love the humor and want to give credit where credit is due!

A New Advertiser

Joe Cain at Artisans Bonsai now represents a great selection of Samurai Bonsai Carving Tools and is advertising on the BonsaiMary site.

When you're ready to carve the deadwood of an old trunk bonsai, this is the best selection of carving bits and steel brushes you will find!

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BonsaiMary Gets Mail

This month's mail has been a little slow. I'm guessing everyone is busy, either with the crazy weather or they are still reviving their tropicals.

Until Next Month

Speaking of tropicals, I have an ongoing feud, of sorts, with a writer who claims you can not (as in never) grow good bonsai indoors. Tropicals will be the subject of next month's Bonsai Banter.

If you have a good example of a tropical bonsai grown indoors - even part time - please contact me!

Sincerely, Mary Miller

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