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Spring Hail and Snow, Bonsai Stories You May Have Missed
April 17, 2018

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Spring Weather

This is one time of year to be especially aware of the weather reports. You may think spring has arrived, your bonsai are out of storage ... and then it happens!

Bonsai by Mark Fields Greenwood, Indiana

Mark posted this photo on Facebook and wrote "Winter is back one more time."

He then added: "A week later the temperature was headed up to 80 degrees"!

Jonas Dupuich got a surprise spring hail storm, and shared the surprisingly good results in his blog: Bonsai Tonight - Hail Damage

On The BonsaiMary Site

Every so often I peruse my site history to see what people are reading and what they are missing.

I've included a few of the often neglected stories and pictures here.

Last year, I included 'The Story of the Shimpaku Juniper' in one of my Bonsai Banter newsletters.

The original title included: "Its Secret History."

As you read the fascinating story and look at the photos, remember there is a photographer up there in the mountains with the collectors!

ROOT Mealy Bug

Although the Root Mealy Bug is essentially a tropical pest, that doesn't mean you may not have them!

This is not the common mealy bug! I consider it even worse, because it hides in the soil and may take a while to be discovered!

Be sure to read about this dangerous pest.

Assassin Bugs

Speaking of bugs, everyone is concerned when they see critters on their bonsai, sometimes the first reaction is spray!

Please read this important page about Beneficial Insects before you spray!

A Tropical First

This 'Ficus bonsai Story' is a significant part of the history of bonsai trees in the United States.

It's an American tropical first, with a botanical name that still stirs controversy.

Ready to Create Something Unique?

One of the more unusual bonsai styles is 'neagari'.

A Japanese word for exposed root, sometimes called octopus style bonsai.

There are several examples and how-to information on this Neagari Bonsai page.

A New Advertiser

Joe Cain at Artisans Bonsai now represents a great selection of Samurai Bonsai Carving Tools and is advertising on the BonsaiMary site.

When you're ready to carve the deadwood of an old trunk bonsai, this is the best selection of carving bits and steel brushes you will find!

Please support our advertisers, they keep us going!

BonsaiMary Gets Mail

Alan Walker sent me an email regarding last months Ben Oki bonsai picture.

"Ben’s Hackberry was probably 35 years in training when he donated it to the Pacific Rim collection, but it has been nearly another 35 years since that donation."

Wow! Time does fly, thanks so much for the update Alan.

Portia C.. wrote about the ' Water Burning Leaves' Myth in last months Banter.

"The leaves contain “stomata” which are little pores in the leaves, so water can be absorbed thru them. That is why people “foliar feed” a plant.

If the water caused burn, every leaf/plant would be burned!

I always enjoy reading your newsletter and find all the articles interesting."

Thanks Portia, sometimes logic seems to escape us!

Until Next Month

The weather seems a bit crazy, so remain watchful.

Personally, I'm looking forward to summer!

Mary Miller

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