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Winter Bonsai Tips and Holiday Pics
December 16, 2017

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Celebrating Newly Renovated

Japanese Pavilion

Message from the National Bonsai Foundation, Washington D.C.

"Last month, supporters, friends, staff, and board members of the National Bonsai Foundation gathered to celebrate the long-awaited re-dedication of the Japanese Pavilion.

The Japanese Pavilion was originally built in 1975 to house and display the 53 bonsai gifted to the American people for the bicentennial from the Nippon Bonsai Association on behalf of the Japanese people.

After nearly 40 years serving as a symbol of peace, and hosting visitors from all over the world to view the historic collection, the pavilion was in need of renovations. The $2 million project was almost completely donor-funded, and the National Bonsai Foundation is so grateful to those who contributed, particularly Dr. Deborah Rose, whose generous leadership gift made the pavilion redesign possible.

If you've never been ... put this amazing collection on your 'bucket list.'

Old Bonsai Banter Articles

I don't repeat articles very often, however, if you're a long time subscriber, you may recognize the following two. I think you'll agree, they're worth repeating.

Bonsai Gifts - Do and Don't

Although you may be tempted, it's probably not a good idea to gift a bonsai! An experienced bonsai person would often prefer to select their own. And admiring novices may end up being embarrassed if they kill it!

With this in mind, there are amazing book selections for beginners and experienced artists.

Some of My Favorite Books

A Frozen Story

A few years ago Michael Hagedorn brought up a subject that would have never crossed my mind. (I've always grown bonsai in Florida.)

"Many years ago I held a conifer branch in my hand in a totally shocked moment after it had literally shattered while testing it for flexibility. Eons passed. When I returned to breathing normally, the branch was still in my hand, and the tree was a couple feet away, because I had stood up."

Because it's so important, I post this 'Beware Bending That Branch' warning here every year. Read the entire story here:

Frozen Branch Warning

Winter Projects

No, these are not mine!

Not enough winter projects this time of year? Here are a few suggestions:

Sort and clean your bonsai pots - again.

Build those bonsai benches you promised yourself last year (or was it the year before?)

Clean and sharpen your tools.

Just in case you haven't included bonsai in your New Year's Resolutions, you can consider the above list, but also make plans to attend at least one bonsai convention, or exhibit and visit Bonsai Gardens near you.

A Winter Storage Tip

Are your bonsai in winter storage?

"It is wise to remove mosses from the soil surface, so pests are not staying hidden and kept alive in a safe shelter under the moss. It also makes it far easier keeping a safe eye on watering needs during the dormant period." - Morten Albek, Belgium

Start Making Spring Plans

American Bonsai Society Convention
'Gateway to Bonsai Convention' 2018

April 19-22 in Collinsville, IL (near Saint Louis MO)

Favorite Holiday Pictures

By Juan LLaga in the Phillipines

Tony Palma, from South Florida decorated his Bald Cypress.

Fun with suiseki from Tom Elias

BonsaiMary Gets Mail

Thank you to everyone who has shared their successes and failures throughout this year.

Until Next Month

My very best wishes for this holiday season. No matter the event you celebrate, I hope you will be sharing it with the love of friends and family.

Most Sincerely,

Mary Miller

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