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A Little-known Bonsai Story and a New Page
September 19, 2017

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A Personal Note

Many thanks to everyone who sent good wishes during the recent hurricane. All is well.

Having experienced Hurricane Andrew, I thought I was prepared for Irma. I even had a flashlight and Sterno leftover from 25 years ago. They both worked during our power outage! What I wasn't prepared for were the flashbacks and stress related to that old experience. It's been a week now and my life is getting back to normal, lights are on, phones work, fuel is available, and groceries are back in the stores. Damages here in Mount Dora, FL are minimal.

My heart goes out to so many who had it much worse than we did, especially our friends in the Islands and Florida Keys. Meanwhile, our eyes are still on the tropics.

Now ... let's talk bonsai!

A Little-Known Bonsai Story

Flowering Buxus harlandii by Mirek Škrabal

While waiting for Irma, just before the power went out, I created a new page on boxwood bonsai. In the process, I discovered a very interesting fact and a little-known Yugi Yoshimura story.

One of the first bonsai in the National Bonsai and Penjing Museum collection, in Washington D.C. was not a Japanese tree, but an American boxwood bonsai.

The "box," as they are called in Europe, shown above is one I discovered online. Read about it and the full Yugi Yoshimura boxwood story on the new Boxwood Bonsai page.

It's That Time of Year

Last night's evening news featured snow in Montana! Here are a few things to ask yourself about your Bonsai Care in Winter:
Will you need a greenhouse?
Can your trees stay outside in the snow?
Should you use sheets of plastic to cover your trees?
What about taking them indoors?

"Rent a Bench" is a popular resolution for winter care. Many local bonsai nurseries have this service. Often, you can leave them for as long or short as you like.

If you live in a warm climate, have your 'frost blankets' ready. (They are readily available online and at your local home and garden store.)

The Value of Bonsai Exhibits

For Bonsai Beginners and Experienced Artists

Bill Valavanis blog on the 40th Annual Mid America exhibit made me think just how valuable bonsai exhibits are. In addition to the overall beauty, they can be a study. This Mid-America exhibit was no exception.

Visual reminders, such as we always need some type of stand, slab or table for display for displaying our trees are helpful. We can observe how much variety there is for accents ... plants, stones or even figurines. The design of different exhibits and placement of trees are in themselves a study.

In Appreciation

BonsaiMary has two sponsors who have remained with the site for quite awhile now.

Please keep Chuck Iker in mind when you need a very special bonsai pot! See photos of his work and a demo of him throwing a "crackle" pot on the Bonsai Pot page.

And if you're interested in yamadori - the best source of great bonsai starters -(but you're not read to go digging) see the 'Purchasing Yamadori' section of the Yamadori bonsai Page.

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Coming Soon

BonsaiMary Gets Mail

In last month's issue of BonsaiBanter I requested ideas for good beginner bonsai magazines and received this from

Kevin K - Staten Island, NY
Mary, I saw the question re: magazines for the beginner in your latest newsletter issue. In my view there are only a few out there that I've found- Bonsai Focus and International Bonsai. Bonsai Focus is very good, but in my view it may be too much for beginners. International Bonsai has a good mix of intermediate articles as well as those for the beginner.

Being it's the 21 century, I would also look to Youtube as well.

There are many excellent Bonsai tutorial channels. Bjorn Bjornholm Bonsai, Bonsai Empire, and Bonsai Focus all have excellent channels.
BTW (No, I'm not affiliated with any of the magazines, or YT channels I've mentioned.)

Response - Thanks Kevin, great reply. I just used a John Geanangel's Youtube pruning demo for my recent boxwood page.

Until Next Month

Stay safe and stay in touch. I always welcome your questions and comments.


Mary Miller

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