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Bonsai Banter, Issue #008 -- In Love!
August 09, 2010

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In Love!

We accept bonsai as an art form, so it isn’t surprising that many bonsai artists are creative in other mediums. At the recent BSF convention, I fell in love with this exquisite Chad Beatty painting. My wall space is limited, but I still think about it!

"Blossom Branch" ©Chad Beatty

More of Chad’s unique work can be seen on his website.

Breaking News!

A little birdie told me to ... Expect the official announcement of Patrick Giacobbe as curator of the Jim Smith Bonsai Collection at Heathcote Botanical Gardens in Fort Pierce, Florida soon.

Root Mealy Bugs Update

Last month, I mentioned my sweet acacia had root mealy bugs. I applied the Bayer Advanced, as recommended by the Extension Service. Within three days new, undamaged growth began to appear!

I also received an email about the recent Root Mealy Bug page, asking why I didn’t mention the “hot water technique”.

Before I included the page on my site, I saw the online mention of this research conducted by the University of Hawaii College of Tropical Agriculture. They discovered that "hot water dips alone will kill root mealys". However, before I wrote my page, I contacted Dr. Arnold Hara (the professor in entomology who wrote the article) for some more details. Water temperature? How to measure?

Dr. Hare responded “A meat thermometer should work; Water at 120 F for 6 to 10 min is sufficient to control most insects” .

That sounded like really good news to me, so I asked about potential damage.

Dr. Hara then told me “There may be some damage, but it should grow out of it; I recommend doing a test on a few plants before treating mass numbers. Some may be sensitive.”

If I still had a nursery, I would definitely consider “hot water” for stock plants. My decision was not to recommend the process to you for bonsai. I will not use it on my bonsai either.

Something You Never Knew You Needed!

From Ben Liss, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"Mary, I just wanted to share with you that I too will work indoors on those "too-hot-to-re-pot" days. I thought you might be interested in this … Louise Leister found it on the Dallas Bonsai web site, it’s a great aid for working inside … keeps the mess contained ... center divider comes out and you can use the whole tray to set a tree in and defoliate, trim, re-pot ... Also good for recycling soil, comes with these great frying pan handle sifters."

Check it out by clicking here ‘Essentials for Potting’

Ben, sounds good to me. Now that so many of us are working with shohin, it could be especially valuable!

Have you found a great product or source you’d like to share? Let us hear about it, just reply to this newsletter.

My Personal Bonsai Auction

I've set a time and date for the auction of some of my personal collection.

Sunday, October 17, 2010 - 10 am


What's New ?

One of the most recently added pages is about one of Mike Sullivan's junipers.

It follows the tree from nursery stock through a demonstration by Dave De Groot up to today. Don’t miss it, it’s a beauty.

Another new page is written by guest author John Callaway. I was browsing sites one day and came across John's article about "bonsai questions". In it he said how often "It depends," is the answer!

If you've ever said that, you will enjoy reading his article here.

I do my best to keep my Table of Contents updated. If you think you may have missed something on the BonsaiMary site or you can’t find a page you want to re-visit, look it up on the Site Map.

Help Wanted

Now working on several new pages, including Podocarpus and Seagrape.

I have lots of old photos, but would love to have new ones! If you have a special story to go with your photos, let me know. Maybe we can make a page out of it.

Many thanks for all the contributions I have already received.

Comments? Ideas? Feedback?

Thanks to everyone who sends me notes. Have I heard from you?

See you here next month.


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