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So Much for Spring!

Floridians have been bragging about this year's wonderful spring. I hope everyone enjoyed it. Summer is here!

My seagrape has responded to its first defoliation (this year) in a wonderful way. When they first broke out, the new leaves were a beautiful bronze. (Wish they could stay like that a little longer.) Now they are green as green can be.

And speaking of green, if you haven’t started your weekly fertilizing … it’s time.

When I first began growing bonsai, I read a lot of conflicting information about fertilizer. One thing that really got me confused was, "use half strength".

If you're still diluting your fertilizer ... DON'T. Plain and simple, it's a myth.

An Old Treasure!

World Tropical Bonsai Forum
Available Again!

Chris Rojas, Editor and Publisher of the old World Tropical Bonsai Forum magazine, contacted me, asking if I thought people would be interested a disc of all the issues.

My answer: Absolutely yes!

If you never saw WTBF, it was a bonsai magazine with “all the color and unique beauty of tropical nature in bonsai form …”

Fabulous photography and great articles.

Whether you’re missing two or three issues, or perhaps you never saw any – they are now available, all on one disc!

Send a check in the amount of $19.95 (free shipping)to:

Christine Rojas
202 Loblolly Bay Drive
Santa Rosa Beach,
FL 32459

(Free shipping "limited offer" until July 4th is good for United States. After that shipping will be $2.00 U.S. and $3.00 international.)

Subscriber Feedback

About last month's Spring or Fall? Article

Thank you … being new to Florida (8 mos) I thought my Ficus was dieing due to over watering.

But after reading your article and a close examination of the branches, I saw the buds that you mentioned.

I removed all the yellow leaves and like they say - wa la nothing wrong!”

John Caswell
Port Orange, FL

Glad to help John, I hope all the leaves are back by now! And in case anyone is worried, my Bucida spinosa leaves are falling now too!

About Priorities

A reader experienced the recent California earthquake. I inquired as to any damage. His reply:

I was at work when the earthquake hit … I immediately called home to make sure none of the bonsai trees fell and broke.

Then I checked on family.

California, USA

What Else is New ?

“Burying Serissa” - Most of the bonsai growers I know have buried Serissa because they were dead!

Carl Rosner is the first person who convinced me that Serissa is not a tropical! He recently submitted a wildly blooming Serissa photo and his “Burying my Serissa” story with it.

See it on Carl's Serissa photo page. and leave a comment while you're there!

Ben Liss, Gold Coast Bonsai Society, Ft. Lauderdale, FL sent me a few 'progression pictures' of a mimosa he purchased at the Miami club auction in 2007. I was so impressed with the progression and his results, I created a page on my site with his story and his photos! See Ben's Mimosa Metamorphophis page.

After seeing Ben’s project, you may want to try a Mimosa yourself. Want to start from seed? I have an old Leucaena tree in my yard. It is setting seed now.

While they are in season, I will be happy to send you free seeds and planting instructions.

For mimosa (Leucaena glauca) seeds Send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (first class postage) to:

Mary Miller
25601 SW 137Avenue
Princeton, FL 33032

The seeds are small; your envelope can be a standard letter or all purpose size.

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