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It's Fall

For bonsai growers everywhere, fall brings responsibilities. Many hobbyists will start thinking about where to place there tropicals from the chills to come; others will be cleaning out pits for another winter of cold storage. Those living in the tropics should have their ready. All of us will slow down or stop the fertilizer.

Only indoor growers will continue as usual (and perhaps add a few more trees under lights). If you’re not sure what to do with you trees, contact a local bonsai club member. The rules are very different from one climate zone to another.

Remember those early frosts and freezes can be sneaky!

The Bonsai Society of Miami’s annual exhibit and sale is held at Fairchild Tropical Garden in October. In South Florida we don't get many falling leaves, so we improvise.

Ed Trout's Ficus (shown above) won First Place for medium size bonsai. And in keeping with the fall season, Ed displalyed his tree defoliated.

Mieko Kubota graciously brought scrolls and numerous pieces of her lovely Japanese kanji to the exhibit this year.

The club and the public both enjoyed this very special addition.

Just "Peachy"

I’ve always been in favor of using scientific plant names whenever possible – especially when writing articles. While going through some old Bonsai Today magazines, I found an article I had written about 10 years ago titled Logwood, Haematoxylon campeachy.

Whoops, did I really call it cam-peachy. I was a concerned I had really goofed. Today in the United States most logwood is from Puerto Rico and is commonly referred to as "campeche".

Then I realized the name I used was from Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. I purchased my tree at a FTBG plant distribution day about ten years prior to the article. (Now over 20 years ago). With a little research, I have since discovered "campeachy" is a synonym for the currently preferred scientific name Haematoxyoum camperchianum.

Even with the scientific names, things can get confusing!

This logwood aka campeche is a collected specimen from Puerto Rico; styled by Miami bonsai artist Hiram Macias. It was another of the fine bonsai subjects in this year's show.

Last Auction and Sale Update

My Auction and Sale is scheduled for this Sunday, October 17, 2010. The event begins at 9 am

For an updated view, see the Auction Page. will be held Sunday October 17. Event begins 9 am sharp. In case you've been debating, I just added many items I did not originally plan to sell!

What's New on BonsaiMary

There is already a page of how to artificially create cypress knees. However, the latest addition to my site on cypress knees comes from John Lee of Mobile, Alabama. He has naturally occurring cypress knees on his bonsai.

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