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Bonsai Banter Issue #71 How Exciting!
January 28, 2016

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How Exciting!

Here in my small hometown, a collection of original works by George Nakashima are currently on exhibit at The Modernism Museum of Mt. Dora, FL

This coffee table is just one of the many pieces on display.

To add to the enthusiasm of arts with Japanese influence, the museum invited David and Linda Van Buskirk, of D & L Bonsai Nursery in the nearby Ocala National Forest, FL to host a bonsai workshop.

A total of eight were registered, half young girls and half adults. Often a teacher is concerned with teaching mixed age groups.

David, his wife Linda and assistant David Cutchin, handled this with no problems. I've never seen a more organized group lesson for beginners.

(The program included plants, pots, handouts and a little wire.)

All of the enthralled students went from pre-bonsai to potted trees in just 3 hours.

A Bonsai Coloring Book

I read about this coloring book being used in a children's bonsai program in California and I contacted the author Robert J. Baran. I received my copy and was totally impressed with both Robert's excellent content and the beautiful illustrations by Paul Steele.

Today adult coloring books are being recommended for stress relief. The Bonsai Coloring Book is great for kids, it's also wonderful therapy for adults! It worked for me!

Click on this book cover below to order yours!

Amazing Accents

At one time, bonsai accents were usually small plants.

Today the popularity of bronzes is growing.

Bonsai artist Michael Hagedorn (Crataegus Bonsai) recently posted some pictures of Dutch sculptor Henk Fresen's beautiful bronzes.

This was my favorite, take a minute to see more on Henk's site.

Bronze sculptor Henk Fresen

Joy of Bonsai

Another annual 'Joy of Bonsai' was held earlier this month by the Kawa Bonsai Society of Northeast Florida at the Flagler County Extension Office in Bunnell, FL. A small location, but a really big event!

In addition to Florida artists (Mike Feduccia, Mike Rogers, Paul Katich and Mike Lebanik,) this year's out-of-town artists were Matt Ouwinga, from Maryland and Sean Smith from Pennsylvania.

The exhibit included the Artisans Cup award winning Jaboticaba bonsai by Mike Lebanik. Congratulations to everyone involved, Joy of Bonsai just keeps getting better!

Bonsai Mary gets Mail

John Evans of W. Palm Beach, FL - "I bought one of the Bonsai tools Bonsai Tools pressure cleaners you told me about. Works like a charm. One caution to anyone using it for the first time; don't get too close, as the high pressure stream can cut right through the bark and cambium in a heart beat."

John also added: "Took the pressure cleaner to the Morikami Museum bonsai exhibit, and it was great for cleaning up some of the old cypress bonsai. Been a volunteer for about 5 years now. Started shortly after Vlad (Vladimir Foursa) took over. Under Vlad's stewardship the trees have been brought back to excellent health and the place is looking lush."

Dot H. from South Africa wrote regarding a link to Washington, D.C.'s National Bonsai & Penjing Museum in the previous issue of Bonsai Banter.

"Thank you for the virtual tour. It is beautiful. I was there in July 1993. What a wonderful improvement."

If you've never been, click here to see the virtual tour!

Daniel T., also from South Africa, sent me a note about his recent purchase of black monkey thorn bonsai seeds. I admit, I had to research the name. The scientific name is Acacia burkei and resembles many other varieties of Acacia.

If you are unfamiliar with this particular Acacia, "The leaves are eaten by black rhino, giraffe, kudu, nyala and impala; the dropped leaves by steenbok and grey duiker."

Subscribers to Bonsai Banter from South Africa, may also find the So Africa Bonsai Association website helpful.

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'Bonsai Supply'

Quality Bonsai Products including Pots, Shears, Soil, and More! From the owner, Jerome Kellerhals . . .

"I was born and raised in Switzerland. As I always had a strong liking for the land of opportunity, I came to the USA at the age of 18.

All along, I have admired the art of Bonsai and since the day I have started creating my own trees I developed a passion for this millennia-old art form."

Please click on the Bonsai Supply logo above, check Jerome's site, and perhaps drop him a line.

With Appreciation

Many thanks to all my subscribers who continue to share bonsai thoughts, questions and pictures.

And a special thank you to the following BonsaiMary site sponsors. Supporting these advertisers, also helps keep the BonsaiMary site alive and well.

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For those of us who complained about the summer heat, I think the 'weather gods' were listening.

Perhaps we should have been more specific. I just put in an order for less drastic results. Here in Florida, we had snow flurries in Gainesville and freezes way too far south!

Until next month, stay safe.

Most Sincerely,

Mary Miller

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