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Bonsai Banter Issue #68 Wow! Fall Color and Bonsai
October 28, 2015

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Fall Color and Bonsai

This collection of fall bonsai color is from the HH Bonsai Deutschland Facebook page.

According to The U.S. National Arboretum, "Autumn leaves are different colors in different parts of the world. Leaves in the U.S. are yellow, orange and red. Leaves in Europe mainly turn yellow."

(These differences are based on the predominate species and climates in different areas.)

In nature this may be true, however, when it comes to bonsai, vibrant color is everywhere.

Most people will agree that maple bonsai show off some of the best fall red color . . . one of the reasons they are so popular.

This beautiful maple belong to France's Bruno Heller.

Maple bonsai from Brookly Botanical Garden New York

Every year Bill Valavanis has a wonderful display of color at this nursery in upstate New York. This maple cascade was created and photgraphed by Bill. It is a recent post on William Valavanis Facebook page

Free Demonstrations

As you may know, I no longer travel to teach and give bonsai demos.

However, when bonsai comes to me, that's a different story. This is me last year with my Magic Cloth.

I will be helping out David and Linda VanBuskirk who participate in this annual event again.

If you live in or around Central Florida, please stop by and say hello.

D & L Nursery booth

21st Annual Plant and Garden Fair

Downtown Mt. Dora, FL

Corner of Alexander and 4th by Sunset Park

My demos will be held:

Saturday Nov 7, 11 am and 2 pm

and Sunday Nov 8, 1 pm

Speaking of the Magic Cloth

Now, you too can create the magic.

The Magic Cloth helps you "see the future" ...

one of the most difficult lessons to learn in the art of bonsai.

Now available for personal use, or as a teaching tool and always a fun gift!

Every bit of magic comes with instructions!

Available in both green and white.

$9.99 includes s&h anywhere in US

Click here to order and/or get more information: The Bonsai Magic Cloth

The Artisans Cup

This Rocky Mountain Juniper by Randy Knight was judged 'best in show.'

It's been over a month since the Artisans Cup announced the winners, and participants departed Portland,Oregon. People are still talking.

The exhibit was dramatic to say the least. The uniquely dark environment made for exotic displays, albeit difficult to photograph.

William Valavanis photo of the set-up, gives us a better look at how it all fell together. Thanks Bill.

Wayne Schoeh (Bonsai Bark ) attended the event and when I asked for his thoughts, I think he may have summed it up perfectly:

"The whole thing was incomprehensibly amazing. A total breakthrough for American bonsai. In fact, for world bonsai."

(If you haven't signed up for Wayne's daily blog, you're missing out!)

BonsaiMary New Page

After years of growing and teaching bonsai, I feel like one of the most difficult plants for beginners is the juniper.

Although easy to grow, there are many misunderstandings!

Early on, I learned the importance of real Bonsai Soil when growing junipers.

I also learned the need to remind people, junipers are not happy indoors. With those things in mind, I added the Juniper Bonsai Care page to the BonsaiMary site.

Winter is Coming

Some states have already had a little snow. Are you ready?

Get those tropicals indoors or in the greenhouse.

With the palm trees in the background of this photo, you may think the subtropics don't have frosts and freezes.

They do!

Have your frost blankets ready!

BonsaiMary Advertising

Advertising on the BonsaMary site literally cost pennies a day.

$50. will give you a large ad, with great exposure for three full months on 5 different pages! And you select the pages. (A total of 15 ads.)

Even less per day when you purchase 5 pages for 6 months at $85. That is not a per month price ... it's a total for all 6 months on 5 of your choices of my most visited pages.

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Advertising intro page

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Until Next Time

Enjoy the change of seasons. In Florida, we are welcoming the cooler weather. It's been a hotter than usual summer.

Thanks for your input and for visiting my site.


Mary Miller

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