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Bonsai Banter Issue #67 Free Expert Wiring Lesson
September 29, 2015

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Free Expert Wiring Lessons!

I was searching for Collin Lewis' website. While browsing, I discovered Colin on giving a video lesson. The 'Bonsai Wiring Essentials' is listed as free. I watched the entire program.

Colin is a talented author and speaker, as well as bonsai artist. His easy going, clear instructions will answer all of your questions about wiring your bonsai.

Best wire and tools? Copper or aluminum and the difference? How long to leave it on? Mistakes to avoid. It's an excellent program.

He has another Craftsy program 'Bonsai Design Techniques.' This includes 7 HD video lessons with anytime, anywhere access, downloadable class materials, including bonsai design exercises, hours of close-up instruction, answers from Colin in the virtual classroom. Well worth the 39.99 price!

A number of BonsaiBanter subscribers have told me they are not near a bonsai club, these lessons are perfect for you!

Don't Miss Regional Exhibits

Tony Tickle was invited to be a judge at Britain's Wirral Bonsai Club In his next blog, in addition to photos, he said "This is indeed the BEST club show in the UK I have every attended."

The display was uniquely all white, the trees were perfectly groomed and the overall display was impressive.

No, it did not meet all of the rigid traditional rules of Japanese display, but it certainly worked!

This Maple is just one of the beautiful bonsai on exhibit.

View the entire exhibit on Tony's site.

A Florida Regional Exhibit

Dorothy Schmitz Ficus retusa ‘Kingman’ is just one of the many bonsai to be on display at the

Bonsai Society of Southwest Florida

Annual Bonsai Exhibit

Sales, Demonstrations and Workshops

Saturday and Sunday

October 17 and 18, 2015

FREE Admission

Open to the public from 9AM to 5PM each day.

Located at the City Pier Building at 1300 Hendry St., Fort Myers, FL

The building is very easy to find, just two blocks from downtown Fort Myers. Plenty of parking.

The Artisans Cup

As I'm writing this newsletter, lots of folks are enjoying this great event in Portland, OR

When you get back, please send me some pictures for next month's BonsaiBanter!

Hazardous Collecting

As anyone who has ever been collecting yamadori in the wild knows, "it ain't always easy!" The hiking and digging are only part of the story. On the BonsaiMary site I tell the tale of a scary critter in Buttonwood Stories in the Everglades it doesn't compare with Dan Wiederrecht's story of collecting in Wyoming.

The amazing photo above is a clue! Go to Hazardous Collecting in Wyoming to read the story and see more fantastic pictures.

Fall Foliage

National Bonsai and Pening Museum

Washington, D.C.

Starts: October 23, 2015 10:00 am Ends: November 8, 2015 4:00 pm

On October 25th don't miss Jack Sustic's

Overwintering Your Bonsai Talk & Tour- Registration necessary.

Are Bonsai People Too Serious?

"Crash bonsai" has been on the web for several years.

Although it really has nothing to do with bonsai, I included it here for a touch of levity.

John Rooney, the creator says:

"Some models might work perfectly with a bonsai you already have, but generally you should expect to create a new bonsai around the vehicles ..."

I was glad to hear the cars are sold without bonsai.

"How can I tell how old my bonsai is?"

You probably can't. If someone tells you exactly how old a bonsai is, they're either guessing, have historical documentation or perhaps they grew it from seed.

When people speak of the age of trees in general, it is usually determined by the inner rings of the trunk. Of course, the tree would either be dead, or would die if you cut it this way. Sometimes you can roughly estimate the age by the rings on a large branch.

All that goes out the window when you’re growing bonsai with tropicals! Some tropicals have no growth rings, some hard wood tropicals do have rings, but apparently they don’t know how to count. Sometimes they will get two rings in a year, sometimes they skip a year.

BTW If someone tells you, they have a 100 year old Ficus nerifolia (salicifolia,) I can assure you they're wrong. (Although, according to the internet, there is one!)

The bottom line is ... with bonsai, it's the appearance of age that counts!

For information on collected trees' age (yamadori), this is a very interesting article from BackCountry Dan: "How Old is That Little Tree"

BonsaiMary Gets Mail

Emma B. South Africa

I just got my first Bonsai from a friend and I must say I was very excited but feeling rather lost and ignorant not knowing what to do for this new family member. You site is very helpful! Thank you so much for taking the time to provide all this information!!

Bob M Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I just found your site by accident. It's absolutely great. Just what I'm looking for. Thanks so much.

I've loved bonsai since a little kid in NY - I'm now 74 in Winnipeg and only found a club three years ago. I won a fukien tea at a club raffle two years ago, and now will try to shape it, thanks to you.

Charlie B

Was reading your page recently, about placing a cloth over a branch to remove. Oops to late! Wish I had seen this earlier ... I will have to try to keep up.

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$50. will give you a large ad, with great exposure for three full months on 5 different pages! And you select the pages. (A total of 15 ads.)

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If you really like a page, your sharing is appreciated!

Until Next Time

Enjoy the change in weather and if there is fall where you live, please send some pictures of your colorful bonsai.

Until then ...

Thanks for your input and for visiting my site.


Mary Miller

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