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Bonsai Banter Issue #61 Bonsai Show Time
March 30, 2015

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Bonsai Show Time

Spring is the time for many favorite bonsai exhibits. These are just two.

The Epcot Flower and Garden Show

This is an annual event in Orlando, FL. The outdoor bonsai exhibit section is sponsored by the Bonsai Societies of Florida.

Every year (this is the 21st) there are tons of applications to participate, however the space is limited. The winners are viewed by thousands of Epcot visitors for a period of 10 weeks!

Once a week the BSF 'maintenance team' arrives for weeding etc. Disney horticulturalists take care of the basic watering. (Photo by Adam Lavigne.)

Bonsai Society of San Francisco

Jonas Dupuich posted some great photos from the BSSF recent 55th annual exhibit (including this Wisteria and awesome pine.)

See them all, including companion and shohin on his Bonsai Tonight photo page: Jonas Dupuich smug mug BSSF 2015

Tale of Two Marys

When I posted the Tale of Two Marys on Facebook, this was just one of the responses:

"They are both responsible for infecting me with the Bonsai bug, one sold me the first bonsai, trimming shears and a book, also challenged me at beginner class to style my first tree with her.

And the other Mary, invited me to an intense training, better described as "boot camp" for 2 1/2 years, exposing me to awesome material and artists. You figure out which one did what... Thank you Mary and thanks to Mary also!" - Cristobal Diaz

Toby, that goes back quite a few years! Thanks for the memories.

Myth Opinions

In the Bonsai Banter #60 issue, I shared some of Jerry Norbury's notes on bonsai myths and I asked for your comments. I had two varying opinions on misting.

I received a lengthy note from Pat Giacobbe, these are his thoughts (in part):

"Misting, completely necessary. The key word is stomates.

Stomates are extremely small openings that open and close on all leafs of plants to take in CO2, water and energy from the sun . . . At pre-dawn the stomates open to make use of the morning dew. By the time dusk rolls around the stomates are closed in preparation of sap flow and growth. During a rain the stomates will open to its max taking in water and perform photosynthesis and CO2 assimilation that more than double ... Stomates are also used for transpiration and expelling gases . . . Junipers in desert environments rely on morning dew to survive . . . In captivity the morning dew is substituted by misting. Stomates play a big part in juniper survival."

I also heard from Dave Bogan

"Generally, I think misting is one of those many myths in bonsai but they could also be called a "feel good" activity.

By misting, it make some feel as though they are helping a tree.

Now, I will say I have seen success in misting if you utilize an additive such as fish emulsion or micro-nutrients and spray the foliage. I have especially seen great color results on my Shimpaku junipers after continual spraying of them over several weeks.

Regarding Jerry's original comment 'you need 10 years experience before you start with seed.' I agree. Simply growing a plant from seed doesn’t make good bonsai. You need to fully understand how to grow and train them, but just as importantly you need many years to achieve a good tree.

And 'Root Rot? I contend it is the result of plant death and not the cause.' Again, I agree, root rot is a highly debatable or maybe I should say highly used excuse for the death of trees. If you use a properly aerated and fast draining soil mixture it’s highly unlikely you will ever have any kind of root disease. Root rot occurs only in the case of decaying and already dead roots. "

Kusamono from Tony Tickle

I'm not usually a fan of figurines and such, however this 'scene' struck me as quite charming!

Bonsai and Yamadori - Tony Tickle is one of my favorite blogs and this is one of Tony's recent posts.

The Bronze teahouse by Henk Fresen is an incense burner, overall size is 300 x 220 mm (approximately 12 X 8 in.) The plate is by Walsall Ceramics and the moss - Tony said, is "care of my local wild wood."

A Message from

the Artisians Cup Group

"If you plan on being at Ryan Neil’s innovative bonsai extravaganza the Artisans Cup 2015 (September 25-27, 2015), definitely contact us for our special guided bus tours around the Village!

Send an email to: Margie Kinoshita

We've reserved some really wonderful mini-buses for the days of the Cup (they toot around using biodiesel, quite Portlandia.) Seats are likely to fill up fast for this massive event, so get your name on the list!"

BonsaiMary Gets Mail

From Mike N. in Massachusetts:

"We may possibly move to southern Florida and I need to know what in my collections of about 200 Bonsai will survive the heat of Florida and the lack of cold temperatures."

He then continued with a list of his mostly temperate trees.

My response was exactly what he had expected. Very few will do well in South Florida.

If you are making a move from one zone to another, it's wise to pursue advice from the locals (or, as in the case, a former local.)

Sometimes, even seemingly short distances can make a difference!

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Until Next Time

Enjoy the spring. This orchid is always my first sign.

If spring hasn't arrived where you are, I promise it's on the way!

It's started hitting the upper 70 degrees here in the little town of Mount Dora, FL last week!

Thanks for your input and for visiting my site.


Mary Miller

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