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Bonsai Banter Issue #60 Uh-Oh, Mary Who?
February 27, 2015

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Uh-Oh, Mary Who?

I recently received an email with a list of tropicals someone hoped I may have. I explained I no longer have a bonsai nursery, and made suggestions as to where she may find them.

She thanked me and said she had been "especially hoping to see my buttonwoods". I then realized, she was probably looking for Mary Madison.

For many years, people have confused the "two Marys" ... Mary Miller, that's me and Mary Madison is the "other Mary," (of course, she says the same thing about me!) She is also known as "the buttonwood queen."

To clear things up (or maybe not) I wrote an article and published the Tale of Two Marys on my site.

Bonsai Theft

Earlier this month, I received another notice of another bonsai theft.

"... my friend in Ft. Lauderdale had 30 bonsai stolen from his store on Federal Hwy last night. Mini jades, fukien teas, green islands, and tiger barks ... "

When I had the Bonsai Bench nursery in Homestead, early on we had two bonsai thefts. Then 'Victor' was adopted and he was the answer for us.

He looked pretty sweet when he was playing with his toy. However, he was not at all friendly, especially toward men!

What's your answer? What deterrents have you tried? Has it worked? What hasn't worked?

Spring is in The Air

I know many of you may not have seen any signs of spring yet, but I've been getting questions about growing from seed. If you're new to bonsai and thinking about "bonsai seeds," please read this page first!

Growing bonsai from seed

"The Humble Bud"

The Zach Smith - Humble Bud article is a recent blog about the coming of spring. Zach based it upon the buds now forming on newly collected Hornbeams and Cypress. Check it out, a very interesting read.

More Myths (?)

Jerry Norbury is an experienced bonsai person from Amsterdam, Netherlands. His primary interest is shohin and he has some beauties.

Jerry sent me this list of a "Couple more myths:"

1. Misting - completely pointless and simply not done by any professional grower.

2. I'd argue that for beginners, it's a myth to believe they will ever produce a bonsai from seed. I'm in agreement with Walter Pall - you need 10 years experience before you start with seed.

3. Root rot? I contend it is the result of plant death and not the cause.

What do you think?

Send me your thoughts on Jerry's suggestions.

Convention Options

I'm old enough to remember when it was easy to decide which convention to attend. For the most part, there were not that many.

Today there are worldwide choices. I know some of them are very expensive, but understandably so. Fancy hotels and bonsai stars from all over the world, can be worth saving up for.

For a less expensive opportunity, give your state convention or local club "week-ender" a try.

Many of them have one day options. They are often free and open to the public for the exhibit and entry to the vendor area.
I've been attending the Bonsai Society of Florida convention for many years. The recently added 'amateur competition' is great fun.

This year Dave DeGroot and Guy Guidry will be guest artists.

May 21-25, 2015

(You may catch me checking out the exhibit and poking around the vendor area on Saturday.)

Details here: BSF 2015

BonsaiMary Gets Mail

Compliments - Caroline P. in California sent me this email:

"Just received your e-book from Amazon, love it. You don't brag enough!"

Truthfully, it's easier for me, when someone else brags. Thank you Caroline, I appreciate your note.

Bonsai Banter Issue 60 - Wow, five years!

Gathering bonsai information, photos and stories to keep both my site and newsletter interesting, is sometimes a challenge. Other times, it's hard to know what to leave out.

Emails like this, from Harold C. in Miami, make it all worthwhile.

"Thank you so much Mary for your prompt response. I love your website. It has become my study guide."

Harold, thank you and thanks to all the readers who contact me with tips, ideas and compliments! Please keep them coming.

BonsaiMary Advertising

Now, here's a place I will brag!

In January 2014 the daily average number of visits to was approximately 900 a day.

For January 2015, daily visits are up to 1200 a day!

Advertising on BonsaiMary literally cost pennies a day. $50. will give you a large ad, with great exposure for three full months on 5 different pages! (A total of 15 ads.)

Even less per day when you purchase 5 pages for 6 months at $85. That is not a per month price ... it's a total for all 6 months on 5 of your choices of my most visited pages.

Advertising intro page

Until Next Time

Hopefully those of you struggling in areas with the horrible winter weather will be out of it soon.

Thanks for your input and for visiting my site.


Mary Miller

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