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Bonsai Banter Issue # 59 The New Year so Far
January 29, 2015

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The New Year, So Far

In the previous issue of Bonsai Banter, I suggested a few bonsai resolutions for the new year ... including attending at least one convention.

I started my year by attending a mini-convention (yes, they count.) The Joy of Bonsai is an annual event presented by the Kawa Bonsai Society, Bunnell, Florida. Louise Leister is the organizer, and contiunes to do an amazing job!

This Brazilian Raintree by Dr. Reggie Perdue was the crowd's favorite.

In some aspects the event may be considered small, however the talent was big!

Sean Smith, Ted Matson, William Valavanis and Mike Rogers contributed to a fantastic weekend!

The excellent plant material caused 'sold out' participation in workshops.

For me, it was especially great to see old friends!

To see more photos of this event go to the Valavanis Bonsai Blog

Thanks Bill!

Speaking of Conventions

There is nothing "mini" about the upcoming event sponsored jointly by ABS, PBA and NBF

Capital Collections and Collecting 2015

Featured artists: Ryan Neil, Guy Guidry, Arthur Joura, David Easterbrook, Andy Smith, Larry Jackel, Martin Schmalenberg, Jack Sustic, John Kirby, Pauline Muth, Ron Lang, Jim Gremel, Young Choe and David Knittle.

Wow, how's that for a line-up?

The Growing Popularity of Things Shohin

Shohin exhibits, shohin container exhibits and now even shohin photo contests!

This photo, by UK's Mark Cooper, won the Award of Excellence at the World Photo Contest and the Gafu-ten 2015. You can see all of the awarded photos posted on Andys Shohin Bonsai blog

New Bonsai Garden Listing

The beautiful Smith Gilbert Gardens Kennesaw, Georgia near Atlanta has an up-and-coming bonsai garden, curated by Rodney Clemons.

See more details and a photo now listed on my More Bonsai Gardens page

News from Paris

"We at Esprit Bonsai are proud to be able to present to you the first English language issue of this magazine, which we founded in France 11 years ago."

Although I made this announcement last month, I'm proud to say Esprit is now the latest advertiser on the BonsaiMary site. See one of those ads here on the Bougainvillea Bonsai page

The number of visits to my site continues to rise!

If you are thinking about advertising, some of the 30,000 visits to BonsaiMary every month may be new customers for you.

Read more on the Advertising intro page

BonsaiBanter Gets Mail

No Bonsai Nursery Near You?

Wes from Oklahoma sent me a request for help with bugs on his bonsai.

He said "None of the nurseries I've been to within a forty mile radius seem to know anything about bonsai trees." I gave him the best advice I could.

It's important to remember, bonsai is what we do, the plant is a plant in a pot.

The next time you need "bug" help, tell the nursery person what species of plant you have and what the problem seems to be.

Don't mention it's a bonsai, many will freak out!

Sometimes your best bet is going online to a reputable bonsai site.

Until next time, thanks for your input and for visiting my site.


Mary Miller

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