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Bonsai Banter Issue # 56 Shohin and More
October 31, 2014

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Winter and Bonsai

In Central Florida, D&L bonsai nusery just posted a winter warning "We can go from eighties to freezing in one day here ..."

You may not have this problem, however, if you haven't prepared for winter weather, don't put it off any longer.

If you have no idea what to do with your trees, many bonsai nurseries can help. D&L has a 'Rent-a-Bench.' Last time I checked Bonsai West near Boston had a similar service.

Those of you in the tropics are probably safe from freezes, although this is a photo of a unique winter attack in South Florida. (This buttonwood lived.) It won't hurt to have some frost protection fabric on hand.

Mini Bonsai in China

If you're a fan of shohin, you will enjoy the recent blog of Morten Albek. He said:

"The 2nd Mini-bonsai exhibition September 2014 in Changzhou Qinxin Garden was an experience and a surprise to me. I had not expected something like this when I was invited to China to be part of this event."

and added:

"I look forward to see how Mini-bonsai will grow and develop the next years, in China, Japan, Korea, Denmark, Europe and the rest of the world."

Don't miss any of the tons of photos and Morten's wonderful observations on Morten Albek's blog on mini bonsai in China

Press Release

October 9, 2014 - Pacific Bonsai Museum

"For the past 25 years, the Pacific Bonsai Museum (formerly the Weyerhaeuser Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection) has been home to world-class bonsai originating from around the globe. The Pacific Bonsai Museum is a hidden treasure that celebrates bonsai as a fine art.

As the museum celebrates its 25th anniversary, the PBM is proud to announce the addition of two new staff members. Kathy McCabe joins as executive director and Aarin Packard joins as curator, succeeding Dave De Groot."

"De Groot is retiring this year after serving as the founding curator dating back to the museum’s opening in 1989."

Much appreciation and best wishes to Dave and congratulations to Aarin (shown here.)

Be sure to see the latest site for the Pacific Bonsai Museum

Bonsai Competition

A Brief Commentary

Lazaro J. Quintino posted this question to me on Facebook:

"Do you think that all bonsai competitions should have much stricter rules regarding the length of time that you have owned the tree and proof that you have personally styled and prepared the tree for competition?"

My response: Yes and No. What would be the ideal time to own a tree? With so many visiting artists, how could you prove personal styling and care?

I do understand the concern and no, in many cases, it doesn't seem fair.

When I was living in Miami, FL this discussion often came up before the annual Bonsai Society of Miami exhibit and sale. We never resolved the question.

We did decide, since this was a club program, every member was invited to participate. Any bonsai presented were exhibited, no questions asked.

At the time, the exhibit was divided into two rooms. The main auditorium was for the best trees. Most novice trees were displayed in the education room as "works in progress." We found members were very pleased to be part of the overall program. Some novices were surprised to discover their trees in the main exhibit.

In Japan, many of the best bonsai awarded at exhibits are owned by one person and "boarded" and maintained by someone else. This is common practice. Even some of the most famous bonsai masters work on bonsai other than their own.

Bottom line, it may not seem "fair", but I believe it has to be all about the bonsai trees.

I'd like to hear how other bonsai societies have handled this question.

Bonsai-Mary Gets Mail

If you live in or near Park Forest, Illinois you may be familiar with the 'Chinese House,' residence of artist Mark Reed.

He designed his home and is also the creator of "Silent Bonsai."

Mark's bonsai(a hobby of 20 years) are artificial and very unique. He told me he was first influenced by Deborah Koreshoff's book.

The bonsai stands are also his one-of-a-kind original designs.

I was fascinated and think you will enjoy the Mark Reed pinterest site

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Mary Miller

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