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Bonsai Banter Issue # 55 Bragging Rights
September 29, 2014

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Bragging Rights

Bill Valavanis' 4th U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition was held in Rochester, New York September 12-13.

Twenty Florida exhibitors had trees there and three were prize winners!

This Black Pine Bonsai by Louise Leister was one of the awarded trees.

Congratulations Louise!

Thanks to a small group of serious bonsai pioneers, Florida bonsai has come a long way!

Bonsai in Autumn

I don't like publishing photos without giving credit, but this seemed the perfect graphic for this month's newsletter. If you're the owner, please let me know.

Colors like this get us excited, but fall is also a busy time of year for bonsai aficionados. Whether you're growing confiers, deciduous or tropicals there's plenty to do. This is not the time to put off projects, it's the time to get them done!

(I know some of my subscribers are not in North America, so please adjust seasonal timing to suit your climate.)

Is autumn the time to fertilize? I like this post in Jonas Dupuich's blog . . .

"A few weeks ago I was struck by yellow foliage on a number of my young pines. After thinking about it for a moment, I came to the conclusion that I hadn’t been fertilizing enough. Black pines in development require a lot of fertilizer. If they don’t receive enough food they can quickly turn yellow. "

Jonas included photos to show the difference. Read the how-to details in Bonsai Tonight - Fall Fertilizer - 2014

A Destructive Winter Pest

Isn't he cute?

If he finds your bonsai, you won't think so. I posted this Plant Pest Voles horror article last year, now it's time for a reminder.

Especially those of you who put your bonsai in the ground for the winter ... prepare now!

Make sure voles don't become your nightmare.

"Indoor Bonsai" Still Outdoors?

If you're not in the tropics, hopefully, you gave your "indoor bonsai trees" a wonderful outdoor experience for the summer. In last month's issue of Bonsai Banter, I reviewed some ideas for preparing plants for the return to indoors. Now's the time!

A note to my tropical friends, start watching out for those sneak attack fronts from the North.

Do you have your plant blankets ready?

Public Bonsai Gardens

I have two pages of public bonsai gardens listed on the BonsaiMary site.

I recently read about another one on its way.

The Clark Center for Japanese Art and Culture has transferred their 88 tree bonsai collection (including the Maple shown here) to the Golden State Bonsai Federation (GSBF) for placement at the Shinzen Friendship Garden in Woodward Park, Fresno, CA.

Local Landscape Architect, Bob Boro will serve as designer of the new site and Design Build contractor Sid Mukai will be project manager. Although still in the design stages, it's something to look forward to in 2015.

Check out my pages, then if you know of any other collections currently open to the public, please let me know. Gets Mail

From time to time folks ask me to assist in their travel plans.

When Carol Smith Taylor was headed from the UK to the US, she sent me a list of places she would be visiting. In return, I sent her a list of known bonsai places nearby. I recently received her thank you note.

"I arrived back home in UK last night and am pleased with my Bonsai West purchases and look forward to viewing the photos I took there in due course, and showing to my bonsai club colleagues. It was a buzz. When I plant the pots up, will send you a pic. Thanks again. With best wishes, Carol Smith Taylor."

Carol, we look forward to seeing the photos.

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BonsaiMary averaged over 1,000 visits a day again this month!

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Mary Miller

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