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Bonsai Banter Issue # 52 Blogs and more
June 27, 2014

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Bonsai Societies of Florida Convention

David VanBuskirk's serissa shown here.

The BSF convention is held in my backyard (so to speak.) This year it was held at a new location - The Florida Hotel, in Orlando (very nice.)

As always, it was good to see old bonsai friends, view new participants and this year there were also some new and interesting vendors.

My apologies for not having more pictures. I'm not sure if it was the lighting, backgrounds or more likely me!

A West Coast Workshop

I have mentioned many times how much I regret not having more 'before and after' bonsai pictures.

Dylan Fawcett joined an Itoigawa juniper workshop with Ryan Neil and brought a camera.

Then he shared the before, after and during pictures.

A thorough description of the process is in his Bonsai Prelude blog.

I see more than one lesson here (especially for beginners.)

#1 Take more pictures.

#2 Select material for workshops that have potential for being good bonsai. Whether it is a personal choice or you are selecting for a group .... and

#3 Be thankful for bonsai people, like Dylan, who are so willing to share their bonsai experiences!

Don't miss checking out his blog link for the outcome!

Apprentices in Japan

More and more Westerners are going to Japan to study bonsai. Once there, they find there is much more than bonsai to appreciate.

In his blog on missing Japan, Owen Reich assured us of that in his heart-stopping pictures. They were taken on a trip to the Adachi Museum of Art. As Owen said, "The most striking feature of Adachi is the modern Japanese garden."

Owen's blog has lots more pictures of this amazing garden visit.

Bonsai-Mary Pages

The Pyracantha bonsai page is not new, but it doesn't get many visitors.

So, I decided to share it again here. Maybe someone will have second thoughts about adding one of these treasures to their collection.

Bonsai-Mary Gets Mail

More Notes on Wrightia

After putting up the new Wrightia bonsai page, last month, I received a note from Billy Rhodes from the Brevard Florida Club. He made two good points about this blooming bonsai.

He said "I have three Water Jasmine that I have had since the Gainesville convention a few years ago. The jasmine smell can be over-powering to some, especially in closed spaces. (I couldn't take them to my office.)

I have also found that the yellow leaves in summer can be prevented by a weekly application of liquid iron."

Thanks Billy.

More Mail

After giving Robin Symmes some bonsai advice, she responded:

"I'm a novice so have lots of reading to do before I attempt anything in a pot!"

Come on Robin, jump in. The best way to learn bonsai is ... do it!

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A big thank you to two of my bonsai advertisers, Zack Smith at Bonsai South and Martha Goff of Tropical Green Bonsai.

You can see them both in the right hand column of the Bald Cypress page.

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Mary Miller

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