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Bonsai Banter Issue # 041 Bonsai Pots
August 06, 2013

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Too Many Bonsai Pots?

Most people who venture into the hobby of bonsai end up with more bonsai pots than they could use in a lifetime. How does this happen?

You buy a pot for a particular tree, it doesn't fit. You buy one because it's beautiful and of course, you need that rare one.

Then your tree outgrows its current container (or perhaps you changed the style.) You need another pot.

The bonsai containers pile up ... in some cases literally!

If you lack space and really need to stack, use sheets of Styrofoam between pots. Cardboard works - indoors only!

Or, as shown in this photo, use chopsticks to keep them separated.

We laugh about the chip or crack being the back of the pot, but many times this damage need not happen in the first place.

Summer Bonsai Care Notes

In the Northern hemisphere it's summer and it is hot! In many areas the daily rains just don't seem to stop. This combination is the perfect set-up for fungus on plants in general. Your bonsai trees are susceptible.

I usually hesitate to recommend chemicals, however I found a fungicide I really like (recommended for organic gardening.) I used it on an Ilex when dead leaves began to drop off in great numbers. It took two applications, but it did eliminate the fungus.

You can find 'Worry Free' brand "copper soap fungicide" at many garden centers including places like Lowes garden center.

A neighbor recently complained that her bonsai tree continually wilts, even though she waters frequently.

I've mentioned this problem before. Yes, you may find some of your bonsai trees wilt from the heat. Before you water, check the soil moisture. You may be surprised. Do not overwater!

By the end of this month, all the tropicals you planned to root prune, should have been transplanted (especially if you do not live in the tropics!) Even though the heat often continues into September in many areas, you must consider how many warm nights are left for recovery time.

Bonsai in Bali

In recent years, tropical bonsai have become more and more recognized. Today there are many excellent tropical artists.

Bali's Gede Merta's amazing works are some of my favorites.

Public Bonsai Exhibits

I recently received this message:

"Heathcote Botanical Gardens in Fort Pierce was reported to be in financial trouble and might be closing, however a call to the gardens indicates that they have weathered the crisis for the time being and are not in danger of closing.

However, the juried bonsai show has been postponed until sometime in 2014.

The web site is posted here for those who might want to help the gardens with a membership or donation. The gardens are well worth a visit."

Heathcote Botanical Gardens and

the Jim Smith Collection

Photos Wanted

If there is a public bonsai exhibit near you (that I haven't shared) please tell me about it. See details at bottom of the Find a Bonsai Garden Near You Page.

Site Reminders

Don't forget, if you have a bonsai business or are a bonsai speaker, I have very reasonable spaces available for Your Ads.

Until next month, thanks for your input and for visiting my site.


Mary Miller

P.S. If you send me an email, photo or story and don't hear from me, I may not have received it. Please try again!

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