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Good Bugs?

Especially in spring, it's hard to believe there are actually more good insects than bad.

I've included many bugs on the new

best beneficial insects page ...

as well as a few other critters. I originally planned to include the praying mantis (shown here.)

I decided to leave off Madame Mantis and her family when I discovered they eat any bug in sight ... including other beneficials!

Take a look, you may be surprised at those I did include.

More New Bonsai Mary Pages

I've been really busy building pages this month.

Here are some others you may enjoy:

Jaboticaba - an often neglected tropical fruit tree, and it makes a potentially fabulous bonsai.

Witches Broom – If you like Witches Brooms, it's important to know why it's probably not a good idea!

Top 10 Reasons Not to Buy Bonsai This page is just for fun, unless you know someone who needs a copy.

Brazilian Rain Tree - a favorite, indoors and out!

Seagrape Bonsai - includes a great tip from John Naka.

Show Time

Spring is the time of year, when no matter where you live, it's almost certain there will be something bonsai going on nearby!

Randy Clark does it again! If you live in or around Charlotte, NC:

The Bonsai Learning Center 2012 Bonsai Contest at the annual Open House May 18-19-20, is a fun bonsai thing to do! (Contest entry info must be received by May 10.) Contact Randy for more details: 704-392-9244 or contact us via e-mail at:

If you're in the UK The Magical Bonsai Accents Exhibition - Sunday May 27th,2012 in the Failand Village Hall, Ox House Lane, Failand, North Somerset, BS8 3TS, UK

This next one is in my backyard -

Bonsai Societies of Florida also has a convention May 25-28 at the Wyndham Orlando, FL Resort featuring Ryan Neil, Peter Warren and Kora Dalager. Click on link for registration details.

Will be looking forward to seeing photos from all of the above.

Speaking of Bonsai Photos

John Naka's 'Goshin' - Photograph used with permission of
the National Bonsai Foundation, Washington, D.C.

I don't "steal” photographs from other bonsai sites. It's my policy to ask permission.

However, other sites are not the only place I get pics. Some I take personally and others come from friends. If you ever see one of your bonsai on BonsaiMary and would like credit, please let me know! If you prefer, I will even remove it.

On the other hand, if you see a page on my site and you say "I've got a better tree than that!", let me know.

It only takes me a few minutes to change out a photograph.

With all that in mind, please do not use photos on this site without permission. Thank you.

Have a Bonsai Business?

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Until Next Month

Thanks so much for subscribing and please tell your bonsai friends.

Most sincerely,

Mary Miller

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