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A Great Bonsai Story!

Mt. Dora, FL (my new home) has an annual outdoor Plant and Garden event. Dave and Linda VanBuskirk's D&L Bonsai Nursery had a booth and I offered to do a juniper demo.

(I felt the need to get my hands dirty!) The resulting subject was to be raffled off on Sunday. Lots of folks bought the $1. and 6 for $5. tickets.

The rest of the story, is best told in this note, to me from Bob Yarbrough. (He was there taking pictures and bought a dozen tickets.)

Mary, I don’t know if I told you the story of your auction – I couldn't be there, but I sent George down to your auction with $150 and told him when he had a chance (if the bidding slowed down on any of your trees) to just bid the $150 and see what happened. He said he never got a chance to bid!.

So ... it is kind of ironic that I should win the tree you styled Saturday for $10!"

Exciting Bonsai Progression

In 2007, I took a number of pictures at a demo by Dave DeGroot, including the nursery stock juniper before styled it.

This was the beginning of a good demo and in the long run a very good bonsai. Little did I know it would end up as a page on my site.

In four years time, Mike Sullivan has turned this Juniper into a bonsai treasure!

Early Snow!

A note to our bonsai friends in the Northeast U.S.

I hope the shockingly early snow did not take you too much by surprise.

If any of your bonsai were damaged in the sneak attack, don't give up too quickly.

Some of the best bonsai come from nature's evil doing.

Watch them closely, if they're still green at all, well just maybe … all the best!

Two New Pages

Bonsai Wire was a page way overdue and I finally managed to get it going.

I'm very happy with the new Bald Cypress page.

I was especially pleased to find a very special John Naka photo to use at the bottom of the page. I think everyone will enjoy seeing it!

Credit Where Credit is Due

I make every effort to identify photos. If you ever see one of your bonsai on my site, and I didn't give you credit, please let me know! It's not on purpose. I receive photos from many sources and do my best to attribute them.

Still Need Your Help

The Public Exhibits page is still a work in progress. I know there are many, many more displays than I have listed. Small or large please share your favorites.

At the bottom of the page, there is a place for you to write about the public bonsai exhibit you enjoy and room for up to four pictures.

Has anyone been to the amazing Chicago Botanic Garden and seen the Nakamura Bonsai Collection? Would love to have pictures!

If you'd like to send me pictures only, I can add it to the list for you.

Contact me!

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Stay warm and enjoy your tropicals. If you don't have any, remember, they are the year round bonsai!

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