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Winter is Coming!

For the most part, temperatures around the U.S. are still moderate and in some cases warm. However, we all know it's coming … winter that is.

Last month BonsaiMary featured the Winter Care page. Hopefully, that got you started thinking.

This month I chose Small Greenhouses as the Feature Page. I'm sure many of you have struggled with the idea of a greenhouse. See what others are doing and think about how a small greenhouse may or may not work for you.

If you're still not sure, be sure to also see what Dale Cachoy has done in his basement!

If you already have a greenhouse, it's time to check for leaks and possible critter damage and/or nests. Does the door still open and close properly? I know many of you may not need a greenhouse --

Nevertheless, very cold weather is possible where you live.

Don't be caught unprepared.

Do you have your “plant blankets” ready?

In case you missed it, the winter care page includes ideas for you.

Also a Fun Time of Year

Fall is not only time to prepare for weather changes, it is also a fun time for bonsai artists.

If you RSS my site you are receiving notices about exhibits and auctions. You can also find the information on the Bonsai-Mary Home Page by clicking on Bonsai Blog navigation bar in the top left column.

In my early years of creating bonsai, I never purchased a bonsai by someone else. Then as I went to more and more auctions, I realized a not-so-great start by someone else, could be a windfall for me.

After all, the trunk and nebari are the key! You can change almost everything else.

Participate in the bonsai club auctions near you.

Attention All Tropical Bonsai Growers

Despite what you may have heard not all tropicals can be root pruned or transplanted at just any time of year.

If you have not repotted your Black Olives (any variety), Bahama Berry and Buttonwood -- it is too late for this year. It may still be hot where you are, however the nights are getting cooler and the days are shorter (in the northern hemisphere.)

It is also time to slow down on the fertilizer. Fresh new growth will be the first thing to be damaged in a frost.

In addition, even tropicals like to take a rest. They may not go dormant as more northern plants, but they do slow down. Don't push tropicals while they're resting!

Still Need Your Help

The Public Exhibits page is still a work in progress. I know there are many, many more displays than I have listed. Small or large please share your favorites.

At the bottom of the page, there’s a place for you to write about the public bonsai exhibit you enjoy and room for up to four pictures.

If you'd like to just tell me about it, I can add it to the list for you. Send me a note.

Don't Forget

If your club has an upcoming event, the only way I can spread the word is if you contact me!

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