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Big Changes

If you’ve been checking out the BonsaiMary site recently, you’ve seen some big changes! In addition to another column on most pages, I've added a Monthly Feature. Last month's feature was “How to grow your own Cypress knees.”

This month, Winter Care is featured.

Although it's still warm in many areas of the country, it is not too early to start planning for the “what ifs” of winter weather.

If you live in the tropics, don't think you are necessarily safe.

Bonsai Postage Stamps
Coming Soon!

According to a recent AP release:

A Hilo, HI artist's paintings of bonsai trees are to be featured in a series of postage stamps. The U.S Postal Service is to release the five stamps next year, featuring the art of John Dawson. His work has also been used for other postage stamps.

The bonsai stamps depict a Sierra juniper, a trident maple, a black pine, an azalea and a banyan. The stamps are to be issued as first-class ‘Forever’ stamps.

Sounds like an excellent representation. No exact date was listed in the press release.

The Appearance of Age

I saw a "75 year old" Ficus nerifolia for sale on the internet. It looked old, however, someone did not do their homework! Read about the first known Ficus n. as bonsai.

(It wasn’t 75 years ago.)

New on the Site

I’ve added a couple of new site pages this past month. A recent plea for help “I’m battling with what appears to be black dirt on the leaves and branches” encouraged me to write a new plant pest page.

If you’ve been a plant lover very long, you will likely recognize the symptoms of Sooty Mold.

Need Your Help!

The 'Bonsai Garden Near You' page is a work in progress. You can see I have listed several exhibits around the country.

I'm currently working on a full page for The James J. Smith Bonsai Gallery at Heathcote Botanical Gardens.)

I know there are many, many more permanent displays.

Small or large please share your favorites. At the bottom of the page, there’s a place for you to write about the public bonsai exhibit you enjoy most and there's room for up to four pictures. We love photos.

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