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What's Next?

You’ve probably heard the story: give ten different people the exact same starter tree and no two bonsai will be alike.

In a previous issue of Bonsai Banter, I showed you this large Bucida spinosa.

Before I left South Florida, I sold it to Erik Wigert. I wondered then what changes he would make.

Erik is now busy making it his own. I recently saw the YouTube video of Erik in action.

Nice going Erik, I can see the future … yes, I really can.

Although a little scary for the novice, experienced bonsai artists know - sometimes it's best to start again from the basic "line."

Fast growing tropicals seem to beg for it!

(And with a trunk like this, it's hard to lose.)

Read more about Bucida spinosa here.


Bonsai Auctions are often the financial lifeline of many clubs. If your group is struggling financially, consider one soon.

Meantime, if you’re anywhere near Atlanta, don’t miss theirs!

Atlanta Bonsai Society Auction

Sat, August 20, 2011, 1:30 pm, DeKalb County Briarwood Recreation Center - 2235 Briarwood Way, Atlanta, GA

The Jim Smith Collection

In October 2009, Jim Smith, Vero Beach, FL donated 100 of his bonsai to Heathcote Botanical Gardens. In his honor (and with his assistance) they created a specially designed garden for the display.

This past May, I was pleased to be invited to the grand opening of Heathcote’s James J. Smith Bonsai Garden in Ft. Pierce, FL

The garden continues to be a work in progress. The lovely pavilion is perfect for visitors to enjoy workshops or just a rest in the shade.

It is good to see a “Florida original” honored and to know his trees will continue to be appreciated.

Public Bonsai Exhibits

I plan to honor this and other public bonsai exhibits on my site. If you know of an exhibit in your area, please send me links, a contact and/or photos if possible.

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