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I'm Back!

I received several notes about not receiving the Bonsai Banter newsletter ... my apologies.

My house in Miami had been for sale for about a year, it sold!

The sale (when it finally came) was quick to close and things were a hectic. I am now more settled and no longer trekking back and forth between homes.

Found Treasures!

Joe Samuels and I had many duplicates in our bonsai book collections. Joe also had quite a few very old books and magazines. Several signed.

Included are many beautiful Kokufu ten Bonsai Exhibition Catalogs.The books are hardcover with dust covers and slipcases, over 200 color pages of amazing bonsai.

All in good condition.

I also found quite a few back issues of Bonsai Today magazine from when I had my shop. Some are very early editions, including one Issue #2!

As many of you know, I just dowsized from a 3/2 home on an acre to a small condo, in a small town with very little space for "stuff" ... even beautiful stuff.

I've decided to try my hand at eEbay for the duplicate books, Nippon Bonsai magazines, Bonsai Today magazines and most of the Kokufu ten books (of course, I will keep a few.) I'm in the process of taking pictures and creating write-ups now.

If you are a bonsai book collector or know someone who is, these treasures will be available on eBay (aiming for July 15, 2011.)

Bonsai Societies of Florida

There are many advantages to my new location, one is the proximity to the annual BSF convention held in Orlando! Click on the link to see some of the trees and goings-on (including Ryan Neil!)

BTW rumor has it ... the 2012 BSF convention will be at a different and better hotel!

Bonsai Mary Site

Currently there are no new pages, I'm working on some major changes in look and feel.

I need your help! Many of the bonsai photos sent by others have not been reviewed by you! Go to the Home Page bottom left, and browse through the different photo sections. While you're there, consider adding a photo or two of your own.

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