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Everglades Vultures

In BonsaiBanter issue #3, I shared a story about the destructive habits of vultures in the Everglades.

On a recent visit, my daughter Angela and I learned the live vultures soon became unconcerned about the dead vultures and have begun to attack cars again!

The warning signs are up and latest defense seems to be plastic bags waving in the air.

We didn't happen to have any plastic bags, and I feared my Mazda ragtop may be a little too tempting for the vultures ... we continued on.

We headed toward Flamingo, but I can never resist a stop in the Cypress area.

Although I know full well there is NO collecting in the Everglades ... I can never resist just looking!

"Lost Layers"

Those of you trying to keep websites organized know about what I call the “lost layers”. As of today, I have a total of 61 pages at BonsaiMary and still more to come. Although I put them on the site myself; sometimes there are pages even I can’t find!

I thought this issue of Bonsai Banter would be a good place to tell you about a few of those pages. Perhaps you have missed them too!

If you’ve ever wanted knees on your bald cypress bonsai, you’ll want to see John G. Lee’s cypress in Mobile, AL. He grew this cypress from a seedling to a mature tree with knees!!

This Ficus bonsai photograph is from a Miami exhibit. Can you identify the owner?

And one last page you may have missed ... the Ben Liss article on his Tropical Mimosa.

How about some photos from you?

For those of you snowed in, it’s a great time (despite the temperature) to get out there and take photos of your trees with snow on them. Here's a link especially for your winter photos.

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