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What Do You Do?

Winter is upon us! Even in many southern states, it’s a tough winter. Are your bonsai struggling? How about you?

In Florida, more people than ever are doing the “dance of the tropicals” - in and out, in and out.

Ghostly sights like this are becoming more common.

Under this cover is a fabulous Seagrape bonsai.

Areas that rarely ever get frost, have had freezes this year and it’s early yet!

How are your ordinary winter preparations holding up?

Last year the Bogans, in Lynneville, Indiana sent me this photo of their "pool" greenhouse.

With all that snow in mind, I contacted Dave and asked him “What do you do in winter?”

His answer: “It’s the perfect time to clean and sharpen bonsai tools!”

You can see the details of his response on the new Sharpening Bonsai Tools page

What Would Your Answer Be?

What do YOU do during winters like this?

Sit by the fire and think about a new ‘greenhouse’? Make plans to dig a ‘pit’ next spring? Maybe just read a new favorite bonsai book?

While you're contemplating, how about sending us your great “bonsai in the snow” pictures!

Go to the 'More Photos' link on the bottom left side of the BonsaiMary Home Page Looking forward to hearing from you.

Stay warm!