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Holiday Gifts

One year, early in my bonsai days, I decided the ideal Christmas gift for family and friends would be a little tree. For several months I worked on creating small junipers into somewhat acceptable shapes. By December, I was pleased with my presents-to-be. I scrounged moss from a local nursery and typed up thorough bonsai care instructions.

Everyone was delighted with their little treasures!

Several months later, I realized those empty bonsai containers hiding under friends' garden benches and picnic tables were the same ones I had used to create bonsai as gifts. Lesson learned!

If you’re even thinking about bonsai as gifts, consider an introductory “indoor bonsai” and give simple houseplant instructions.

Arboricola and Ficus are good choices.

If the plants are still alive next year, perhaps your friends are ready for an upgrade!

An even safer choice? … give a bonsai book!

From My Mailbag

Billy Rhodes wrote:

“(Last month) you spoke about plant names. We have a lot of plants named ‘Something’ virginiana - Quercus (oak), Juniperus etc.

These are not named for the state of Virginia, but their names do come from the same source. When the British landed in America they named things for Queen Elizabeth the First, aka The Virgin Queen.”

Thanks Billy.


Since I moved to Central Florida, my friends in South Florida have teased me about the temperature difference. Last week I received this plant blanket photo from Johnson Teh.

The recent cold front did not leave out Miami!

Remember, a few degrees can make a difference. Don’t test Mother Nature.

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