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Bonsai Banter Issue # 037 Bonsai Gardens
April 03, 2013

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Bonsai Gardens

The Jim Smith tropical bonsai collection at Heathcote Botanical Gardens has been added to the Bonsai Garden Near You page.

Also new on the Bonsai-Mary site is a great story about a generous and beautiful gift from Dr. and Mrs. Ron Kessler to the Morikami bonsai garden.

Bonsai Banter Fan Mail

Dennis Keller sent a “thank you so much” note for the All Japan Shohin-Bonsai Association site in last month's issue. Lots of folks enjoyed that one! So, for you shohin fans, here’s a video of the recent exhibit in the UK by Andy Jordan.

After reading the “frozen tree” stories in previous Bonsai Banter issues, Mark Dalton from Noble Park, Australia sent me another type of experience:

“Hi Mary … I brought a Lillypilly tree in to give it a late summer haircut."

(Lillypilly photo shown here is from 2006 'Australian Plants as Bonsai' exhibition held at the Australian National Botanic Gardens)

"The tree was noticeably dehydrated and drooping due to hot weather, so I gave it a minor clip and put it back outside under our veranda. Watered it to buck it up.

I went to move it next day and found that the sun coming through the clear plastic sheeting on the veranda had burnt just about every leaf.

It usually sits in a shaded area as it’s a Queensland rain forest tree. My being lazy has totally ruined the foliage of my bonsai … I don’t normally prune in summer but have been busy doing a few other projects. Should have left it another few months.”

Although Mark’s experience was not a total disaster, it’s a reminder of how we sometimes rush to do things at the wrong time of year!

If you’re not sure, always check with an experienced person (one who knows the species you’re working on.)

Remember bonsai are plants … many different kinds of plants. Not all plants are best potted in spring. Not all plants are best pruned in summer.

Bonsai beginners and old timers alike, often make the mistake of pushing nature’s limits. It is important to know when to prune, when to pot, and when to not.

Look at This Ad!

I’ve been telling bonsai businesses about the “cheap” advertising on my site.

This month Zack Smith of Bonsai South (specializing in large collected and field-grown trees) took full advantage of my offer!

Zack has impressive yamadori trees for sale. He placed his ad on several pages … check out one in the right hand column of the Beginner Bonsai page.

Bonsai Events

The following are bonsai events you’ve told me about. Let me know what’s happening in your neighborhood.

World Bonsai Day

A Unique Open House Day at Rosade Bonsai Studio
Guest artist: Francois Jeker

May 11, 2013, 11 – 3 New Hope, PA

Bonsai Societies of Florida

May 24-27, 2013 Memorial Day Weekend Lake Mary, FL

Very near Orlando, and all the theme parks. The perfect family vacation!

Complete information for the September 2013 James J. Smith Juried Bonsai Show and Exhibition in Port St. Lucie, FL is now available.

Take special note of the prizes - $1,000. for Best of Show!

Are You Ready?

Despite this year's crazy weather, spring really is just around the corner, and for some of you, it’s here.

Are your tools sharp? Do you have enough soil for repotting? Have you refilled your wire supply? Did you clean up those used pots from last year? It’s time!

Site Reminders

Don't forget, if you have a bonsai business or are a bonsai speaker, I have very reasonable spaces available for Your Ads. Take a look for design and size requirements.

Until next month, and hopefully lots of warm weather, thanks for your input and for visiting my site.

Sincerely, Mary Miller

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