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Bonsai Banter Issue # 035-Bonsai Apps
February 01, 2013

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A Winter Warning!

Photo courtesy National Bonsai Foundation, Washington, D.C.

“Beware Bending that Branch”

Bonsai Artist Michael Hagedorn’s blog is on my list of favorites. In a recent post, he brought up a subject that would have never crossed my mind! (Having always grown bonsai in Florida.)

This is what he had to say in his November 2012 issue:

“Many years ago I held a conifer branch in my hand, in a totally shocked moment, after it had literally shattered while testing it for flexibility. Eons passed.

When I returned to breathing normally, the branch was still in my hand, and the tree was a couple feet away, because I had stood up.

I went inside to have a cup of tea —celebrations are wine events at my house, catastrophes are tea events— and realized something I’ve never forgotten, yet frequently forget to pass on to students:

Never bend a frozen branch.”

Bonsai and Technology

Many years ago (while working on a club newsletter) I argued with my daughter Angela. "I don’t need a computer, my typewriter is just fine!”

Knowing she would never convince me, she bought me my first computer and forced me into a new age. Fast forward, and the conversation began - “I don’t need a smart phone, the dumb one is just fine!” You can probably guess the rest of that story.

Now, she has encouraged me into the world of “apps”.

The National Bonsai & Penjing Museum apps are now available and they are amazing! You have a choice of Museum general information, the self guided tour, the Chinese pavilion and even a Kid’s Tour. I think they would be especially helpful if you're planning a visit.

The Bonsai Album is another recent app for keeping track of your own bonsai. (Nice to have when you want to show off your trees.)

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