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Bonsai Banter Issue # 032-Amazing
November 07, 2012

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Re: Hurricane 'Sandy'

To our friends in the northeast US, whether your damage is major or a terrible inconvenience, we wish you all a quick recovery! All the best to you, your friends and families during this difficult time.


Visitors come to my site from all over the world (only about half are from the US.) This month alone, I had emails from Africa, Philippines, East Timor and the Netherlands to name a just few.

Being a non-techie, I am forever amazed by computers and the internet.

Site-Build-It (the program I use to build my site) recently announced an easy way to add Google Translate. I decided to give it a try.

BonsaiMary is now available in over 60 languages!

For me it was fun just to see my pages in Japanese and Chinese (although I can not read either one.)

Bonsai is such a unique subject, I expect there will be a few language glitches (maybe even humorous.)

I would love to hear how ‘translate’ works for you. Please drop me a line about your experience.


Late autumn is a tricky time of year for plants. The dance of the tropicals is over for most people, although many have yet to see the first frost.

Don’t wait just one more weekend to make your bonsai winter preparations. Be ready. Don’t take risks.

(A scene from Harry Harrington's yard.)

Read more about winter care.

Do You "Like" the BonsaiMary site?

My site is now converted to the new design program I mentioned in previous Bonsai Banter issues. Along the way I made a few goofs. I've fixed them all but one.

Seems I lost some of my Facebook “likes.” Please “like” me again on any site page.

Internet Bonsai Sites

Sometimes when I’m “working” on my site, I get lost browsing. (I’m sure you know how that happens.)

I recently came across Japanese Imperial Palace Bonsai Collection with a very interesting commentary.

“Bonsai at the Imperial Palace is characterized by three major features – many large bonsai works, nature-oriented bonsai formations that hold down artificial techniques as much as possible, and a number of antique trees aged more than 100.

These (features) are believed to have added overwhelming elegance to bonsai works at the palace
that are different from modern bonsai works.”

Two New Pages

When I decided to add a page about collecting trees in nature, I realized there are actually two types – wild and urban.

Therefore, I added two pages. Both of these have an invitation at the bottom of the page for you to add your own page. You can write your yamadori story with up to 4 pictures and it will become a permanent part of the BonsaiMary site.

Begin with Yamadori in the Wild,

New BonsaiMary Advertising Policy

Now that my visitors and pages have more than doubled in the past year, I’ve made major changes in my advertising program.

If you’re selling anything related to bonsai ... take a look at my new advertising information page!

More expensive? NO More exposure? YES

Until Next Month

Watch for those signs of winter weather.

Thanks so much for subscribing, please tell your bonsai friends.

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving.

Most sincerely,

Mary Miller

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