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Bonsai Banter Issue # 031-Fall Color
October 03, 2012

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Fall Color

The denseness of the wooded areas here are thinning, tones of yellow are showing on the sweetgum trees and by Lake Dora the bald cypress are beginning to “bronze.”

Another fall event in Central Florida is the blooming of the vibrant Golden Raintrees (Koelreuteria formosana.)These stunning trees are 25 to 50 feet in height, with a 35 to 50 foot diameter spread.

This exotic Taiwan tree is also, unfortunately, considered invasive in our warm climate. And it’s not even a good bonsai subject!

Yes, Florida has fall color, but it isn’t anything like “up north.”

Bonsai Fall Color

This photo is from British bonsai expert Harry Harrington’s maple winter progression page.

Click here to see more of the same tree in other stages.

NBF Collection

This gold colored Zelkova is from the National Bonsai Foundation Japanese collection. .

‘The Bonsai Saga’

I found The Bonsai Saga: How the Bicentennial Collection Came to America fascinating reading.

It was written by Dr. Creech in 2001 and published by the National Bonsai Foundation. In it Dr. Creech outlines his part in the process and the various events that transpired from the gifts conception in 1973 to its final realization on July 9th 1976.

Get your of the ‘Bonsai Saga’ from the National Bonsai Foundation’s website. Read it and/or download it by clicking here: FREE pdf copy

Getting Tropical Bonsai Ready for Winter

- A Little Trick

If you haven’t moved your tropicals indoors yet

2-3 weeks before going indoors or into a greenhouse, put your tropical bonsai in the shade outdoors. Give them a taste of what’s coming.

Then, hopefully the light indoors will be brighter than the shade outdoors. You may be surprised at how receptive they are to being indoors!

Speaking of Tropicals

Doin' the semi-annual dance -- The Tropical-Bonsai Two-Step -- Moving tropical trees into shelter for a cold night, then back out in the open for the day.

That's what Steve Moore had to say on his recent blog post at

Hoosier Bonsai

Two New Bonsai-Mary Pages

I think you will really like these two new pages:

Miniature Bonsai

and then from that page continue to the Shohin and Mame Care page.

Have a Bonsai Business?

If you do – before you say “No” to BonsaiMary advertising – I now have over 13,000 visitors a month,

look at these numbers.

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