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Seems Mother Nature is a little confused this year, nevertheless spring is here!

Along with the joy of flowers, new leaves, baby birds and more sun – it's time to watch for some miserable plant pests.

The Juniper twig girdler, Periploca nigra is extremely dangerous.

Not only does the nasty larvae of this moth do its work under the bark, but according to Assistant Curator of the US national collection, Aarin Packard:

"Once they pupate you have lost your chance to stop the cycle because the moths will return to the same plant to lay their eggs."

Spring is the time to search for this and other 'critters'. I just added the juniper twig girdler (with a link to more detailed information) to the Juniper Bonsai page in the care section.

Attn Bonsai Club Members

Does your club have some great photos of your member's bonsai?

The Buffalo (NY) Bonsai Society graciously contributed some of their photos to the new How-To-Make-Bonsai page.

I always have pages that need good photos!

I Get Mail

Some of it is distantly related to bonsai. Tokyo Restauranteur, Takanori Aiba has a hobby. His days as a “bonsai maker” and a “maze illustrator” led to his creation of amazing mixed media miniature creations. (When you get to the site, click on the photo to enlarge the image for a closeup look.)

Chrysanthemum Bonsai

New Chrysanthemum pages are up! Be sure to read all three!

BonsaiMary Advertising

Congratulations to John Capobianco's for his new Chrysanthemum video being the first ad (other than Google) on the BonsaiMary site.

It's impressive! See it in the right hand column on the Types of Bonsai page.

Have a Bonsai Business?

If you do – before you say “No” to BonsaiMary advertising – check out these numbers!

Cypress Tree Fire Update

In the last issue of BonsaiBanter I announced the demise of an ancient Central Florida cypress tree from a fire of unknown cause.

The fire was reported in the early morning hours of January 16, 2012. Fire crews laid hundreds of feet of hose to reach the tree in park, but the tree was old and hollow. It burned from the inside out.

A 26 year old woman has now been arrested for the destruction of the 3,500 year old cypress. She admitted visiting "The Senator" to do drugs and to starting the fire. She was charged with intentional burning of land (a third degree felony), and will also face drug charges.

Two Years and Growing!

This is the 24th edition of BonsaiBanter. Thanks so much for subscribing and telling your bonsai friends.

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Mary Miller

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