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Welcome 2012 !

2011 was quite a year for me. My house in Homestead finally sold. I am now a full time resident of Mt. Dora, FL and have discovered new adventures and new friends.

My website has tripled in the number of visitors per month since 2010, and during the month of December 2011 alone, there were 11,000+ visits to BonsaiMary.

I could not have done it without the cooperation and contributions of many of my friends and visitors. A big thank you to everyone!

Florida Weather

For a while there, it looked like we were going to have a consistently warm winter in Central Florida – then, last night it was in the low 30s! (By Saturday it will be back up in the 70s.)

I know 'Northerners' think we're crazy to complain. However, not knowing whether is will freeze or fry can keep you busy. Many Florida growers don't have greenhouses and those that do have to be cautious not to over-heat. Yes, it's that old dance of the tropicals.

I will have to admit the junipers and pines will love it!

Bonsai Indoors

If you're over-wintering your tropical bonsai indoors, now is the time to be especially watchful of plant pests!

Keep the fans going to circulate the air, don't overwater and if your bonsai are in a window, turn them from time to time.

Chinese Bonsai

The holidays have kept me busy, but I will be adding a new 'Chinese bonsai' page soon.

The Trident Maple shown here is a wonderful example of the Chinese bonsai on display at the National Bonsai Foundation, in Washington, D.C.

A Special Blog

Wayne Schoech's BonsaiBark blog recently shared another wonderful blog and I immediately subscribed.

I'm sure you will enjoy these excellent photos (many from Japan) and descriptions by Jonas Dupuich at

New Bonsai Advertising Opportunity
Coming Soon

If you are a speaker or have a bonsai business, consider advertising on the Bonsai-Mary website. Details to follow.

New Goals?

Have you:

Built those bonsai benches you promised yourself last year?

Sorted and cleaned your bonsai pots?

Cleaned and sharpened your tools?

Given away or sold bonsai that will never be the tree you intended?

Made plans to attend at least one bonsai convention?

This is the perfect time for re-thinking your bonsai goals.

Until next month, I'm looking forward to hearing any ideas and thoughts you may have, and don't forget I always need good bonsai pictures!

All the best to you (and your bonsai) during the coming year!

Most sincerely,

Mary Miller

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