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Oh No!

Have you ever sent an email that left you thinking “Oh No!”

The last issue of Bonsai Banter was one of those emails for me.

Here's my excuse. I have two wonderful bonsai contributors with similar names ... one is Bob Y and the other is Bob Y.

In “A Great Bonsai Story,” I mistakenly identified the winner of the raffle tree as Bob Yarbrough. The actual winner and story teller was ... Bob Yahrling.

Yes, “the other Bob” laughed and accepted my apology.

The Holidays

I have recently discovered, there is nothing like a small town Christmas (even without snow.)

'Light-up Mt. Dora' drew thousands of people into the closed streets and parks of downtown.

We watched as over two million lights sparkled at once on tree branches, light poles, store fronts and historic homes.

After living in the Miami area for over forty years, I'm fully enjoying the new culture shock!

Gift Giving

Long time subscribers to Bonsai Banter will recognize this next message. It's pretty much the same every year.

If you’re even thinking about bonsai trees as gifts for friends and family, don't!

If you insist, consider a “ house plant type,” introductory “indoor bonsai” and give simple houseplant instructions.

If they have a green thumb, a nice Ficus variety or Chinese elm could be perfect.

Otherwise, a “dwarf umbrella tree” may be your best bet.

If the plant is still alive next year, perhaps your friend is ready for a bonsai upgrade!

My favorite bonsai gift is still a picture book.

Unless the person really wants to know, forget the how-to-do-bonsai type.

This year, one of the books highly recommended by Wayne Schoech at Stone Lantern is:

Bonsai Gallery, 1st U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition.

Wayne says "Everything about it is perfect: the quality of the bonsai trees, design, production, everything ... the next best thing to actually going to the show.”

Great price too!)

New Bonsai Blog

The Capital Bonsai Blog is all about the collections at the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum in Washington D. C. -- fantastic photos and details of individual trees and more.

I signed up immediately.

Bonsai-Mary New Pages

The Bonsai Art page includes bonsai artists who also create art in more traditional forms.

Do you know an artist who deserves to be on this site?

There's room for more!

I recently met Ken To, on Facebook. I was fascinated with his wire bonsai tree sculptures.

I thought you may also enjoy them, so I added another page.

This Month's Feature Page

Now that winter is settling in -- while you're trying to stay warm -- how about some good reading?

If you haven't read these articles, you may find some surprises on the Bonsai Articles Page .

Thank You !

Many thanks to everyone who has shared, encouraged and contributed to the Bonsai-Mary site this year.

Your interviews, pictures, articles and comments have helped my number of visitors to more than double.

See you here next year, in the meantime ...

Joyful Holiday Wishes to You and Yours!

Most sincerely,

Mary Miller

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