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Grand Finale, New Year and New Beginnings!
December 30, 2018

A New Year and a New Beginning

In January 2010, I was living near Homestead, Florida and we had almost 5 acres dedicated to tropical bonsai and pre-bonsai. The day I wrote the first Bonsai Banter, we were enduring a rare freeze.

Issue #1 was little more than a description of my personal winter bonsai woes. Truthfully, many of those first issues were a bit lacking in content.

Over one hundred issues later, many things have changed.

Today, I’m living in a beautiful condo in an amazing small town - Mount Dora, Florida.

And, although I continue to build the website, I no longer own a bonsai tree.

Recently, I began rediscovering my photography as art. Art of all forms can be time consuming, and photography is no different. I’ve been working hard, preparing for two shows scheduled in January.

"Petals" is an example of my latest effort.

This was a difficult decision, however . . . I will no longer be writing the Bonsai Banter newsletter.

To compensate for those early newsletters, I reviewed them, rewrote some, filled in the blanks and added lots of photos to others. There was enough information added to those 33 issues to create a book!

In appreciation of your comments, contributions and continued support, please accept this free eBook as my gift to you.

Click on this book cover:

Wishing all the very best to you and yours in 2019!


Mary C. Miller

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