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An Introduction

Bonsai - what it is

Who is Bonsai Mary?

Mary's Bonsai History

Basics For Beginners

Recommended Books

How To Make Bonsai

Growing bonsai from seed

Beginner Bonsai Trees

Collecting Bonsai in the Wild

Buying? What to Look For

Bonsai Questions

Bonsai Tools

Bonsai Shapes

Five Basic Japanese Styles

More Bonsai Styles

Bunjin (aka Literati) Bonsai

Chinese Bonsai - Penjing

Exposed Root - Neagari

Unique Bonsai

Bonsai Care

Bonsai Care - An Introduction

Bonsai Tree Fertilizer

Bahama Berry Care

Bougainvillea Care

Buttonwood Care

Care for Very Small Trees

Fukien Tea Care

Juniper Care

Shohin and Mame Bonsai Care

Watering Bonsai

Winter Care

Bonsai Articles

Air Layer Story

Bald Cypress Knees

Before and After Pics

Tale of Two Bonsai Marys

The Ficus nerifolia Story

Tips and Techniques

Bonsai related Oriental Art Forms

How to Bloom Powder Puff Bonsai

The "Stuff" article

Bonsai Convention Story (Ed Trout)

Bougainvillea bonsai precaution

Cottonseed Hulls

Chrysanthemum on Slab - John Capobianco

Chrysanthemum Article - Dale Cochoy

Who's Painting the Trees?

A Buttonwood Collecting Story

A Special Buttonwood - Stolen

Air Layer Mimosa Story and Photos

Discovery of Bahama Berry

A Juniper from the Beginning

Bonsai Questions? "It Depends"

Voles, a Bonsai Horror Story

Bonsai Trees in Winter Silhouette

Taking Bonsai Tree Pictures

Tanuki Bonsai

More About Bonsai

Tropical Metamorphosis with Photos

Collecting Trees in the Wild

Driftwood Bonsai

Flowering Bonsai

Growing Bonsai in the Ground

Jin and Shari (deadwood)

Miniature Bonsai


Phoenix Graft

Unique Bonsai

Urban Yamadori 

Yamadori - collecting

Public Exhibits

Bonsai Gardens Near You

More Public Bonsai Gardens

Marie Selby Bonsai Garden, FL

Morikami Bonsai Garden, FL

Bonsai Trees

Most Popular Types of Bonsai


Azalea Bonsai

Bahama Berry

Bald, Pond and Montezuma Cypress

Bald Cypress 

Bamboo Bonsai

Black Olive Bonsai

Bougainvillea Bonsai

Boxwood Bonsai

Buttonwood (Conocarpus e.)

Carissa Bonsai

Chinese Elm Bonsai

Brazilian Rain Tree

Chrysanthemum Bonsai intro

Chrysanthemum on Slab - John Capobianco

Chrysanthemum Article - Dale Cochoy

Bonsai Ficus Trees

The Ficus nerifolia Story

Ficus Characteristics and Bonsai

Flowering Bonsai Trees

Fukien Tea

Hornbeam Bonsai

Jaboticaba, a fruiting bonsai

Jade - Portulacaria afra

Jade with cork bark

Juniper Bonsai

Juniper Bonsai Styling

Mimosa Albizia j.

Schefflera arboricola

Tropical Mimosa

Natal Plum

Olive (European)

Pine Tree Bonsai

Portulacaria (small leaf jade)

Powder Puff (Calliandra)

Pyracantha Bonsai

Seagrape Bonsai


More Serissa Bonsai


Water Jasmine (Wrightia religiosa)

Bonsai Supplies

Bonsai Pots

More types of Pots

Bonsai Soil

Bonsai Wire

Magic Cloth

Misc Supplies


Bonsai Tools

Bonsai Tools

Bonsai Shears

Concave Branch Cutter

Sharpening Bonsai Shears

Bonsai Indoors

Bonsai Indoors

Small Greenhouses

A Unique Greenhouse

Bonsai Pests

Plant Pests and Bonsai


Root Mealy Bugs

Snails (bad)

Sooty Mold


Witches Broom

Good Critters

Beneficial Insects

A Good Snail

 Bonsai Display

Displaying Bonsai in Exhibits

Accent Plants and other Companions

Display Tables

Bonsai Related

Artificial Bonsai Trees

Bonsai Art (Painting, Sculpture and Drawing)

Wire Bonsai Tree Sculptures


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