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Wire Tree Sculpture
Bonsai Art or Craft?

Whichever you call it, I thought you may enjoy seeing wire tree sculpture bonsai, so I added them as an extension to the bonsai art section.

I met Ken To through Facebook and asked him about his creations.

I made my first wire tree during Christmas of 2007 as a gift for my wife. In February of 2010, I made my wife a second tree for Valentine’s Day.

My technique had improved by then but I still didn’t have the right wire.

I finally found the perfect one for my needs and started making the trees.

(I always do things in abundance when I’m learning something.)

It was the same as when I first learned bonsai, I knew the only way to get better was through perpetual practice.

Notice that Ken does not skimp when it comes to his tiny bonsai containers.

Many of them are from Jim Barrett, well known California bonsai potter (especially famous for his quality shohin and mame bonsai pots.)

Since his very first trees, Ken has been busy experimenting and perfecting his technique.

Just as it is in bonsai, it takes a lot of time and practice to understand the material and respect it.

While my passion is still with live bonsai trees, these help me hone my styling skills and I never get bored learning anything related to bonsai.”

Another Wire Tree Sculpture Artist

While Tony Tickle (British bonsai artist) was giving programs in Israel (Jerusalem Botanical Gardens bonsai exhibit 2012), he met Amihay Yehizkiyahu.

'Ami' had some of his wire tree sculpture in the exhibit.

Tony then shared some photos of Ami’s “art” on Facebook.

I was charmed by his lighthearted creativity! His scenes include trees, people and animals. No doubt, Ami has a great sense of humor.

Where to Go From Here

In addition to wire tree sculpture, see traditional forms of bonsai art.

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