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Artificial Bonsai Trees

I know many bonsai artists cringe at the words “artificial bonsai trees.”

However, if you or someone you know is not good at growing bonsai trees, or any other kind of plants for that matter, they are a consideration.  At one time, the only false bonsai trees available were obviously plastic and not very attractive.

Today there are silk bonsai, plastic, clay and preserved trees that are much more realistic looking.

Some are good imitations, others are lame commercial attempts at tradition. Still others are actually pieces of art.

Types of Artificial Bonsai

In recent years, the preserved bonsai tree has come into popularity.

artificial bonsai trees, preserved bonsai

According to the manufacturer, the bonsai shown here has real tree foliage preserved using “a 100% natural process.”

They are then attached to trunks from real plants and placed in bonsai containers.  (Usually mounted in foam or resin.) 

Many even have realistic looking moss.

Silk plants have also gained popularity.

Why "Phony" Bonsai Trees?

Artificial bonsai, juniper bonsai

Many artificial bonsai trees may be the perfect answer for offices, hotels, restaurants ... and even for the person who insists on a “coffee table bonsai” in a dark room.

If you have a corner that is crying out for plant … consider a preserved bonsai tree, silk bonsai or a beautiful piece of bonsai art.

No watering, no trimming, no pests – guaranteed!

Where to Find Them

Artificial bonsai, juniper bonsai

You never know where you may find one.

This little bonsai was in sitting on a shelf in a 'Home Goods' store.

I recently saw a another very good example in a thrift shop!

Some of the very best are online!

See the Nearly Natural 4122 Bonsai Decorative Silk Plant Collection, 8.5-Inch, Green, Set of 3

Just for Fun

artificial bonsai trees, jewel bonsai

During my many years of growing bonsai trees, I received a number of phoney bonsai as 'joke' gifts.

This one was from a friend in Peru, and yes, it did give me a smile.

The 'gems' are actually colorful seeds.

(CAUTION, especially if you have children - I later discovered the seeds are poisonous if ingested.)

Artificial Bonsai Trees as Art

Jun Navarro is a creative bonsai hobbyist.

His bonsai hobby led him to an additional pastime of creating another type of little trees.

See the page on wire tree sculptures.

Another artist creating artificial bonsai is Mark Reed, Park Forest, Illinois. 

Mark's trees (a hobby of 20 years) are artificial and very unique. He told me he was first influenced by Deborah Koreshoff's book.

The bonsai stands are also his one-of-a-kind original designs.

I was fascinated and think you will enjoy the Mark Reed pinterest site.

Where to Go From Here

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 Types of Bonsai Trees

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